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The Advanced Network Technologies Division (ANTD), as part of NIST 's Information Technology Laboratory , serves to provide the networking industry with the best in test and measurement research.
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Current Research Areas

Trustworthy Networking

plum colored bullet Internet Infrastructure Protection:
Work with DHS, DoD and IETF to expedite the development and foster the deployment of new security technologies to protect the Internet infrastructure.  Our current focus is on:
Internet naming security (DNSSec),
BGP Security and Routing Robustness, and
Deployment of IPv6 Protocols

Keywords: IPsec/IKE, use of AES in internet protocols, DNS security, BGP security, NIIST simulation framework, Cerberus/PlutoPlus, IPv6, Government IPv6 Profiles, Security Guidelines.

plum colored bullet Public Safety Communications
Develop network simulation and channel propagation models to evaluate network technologies considered for public safety communications; develop measurement methods and tools to characterize and improve the quality of public safety voice and video applications; develop and evaluate indoor localization techniques.

Keywords: Project 25, 700 MHz band,video quality, mine mesh networks, RFID measurement, indoor localization.

plum colored bullet Networking for Pervasive IT
Assist Industry in developing standards for seamless and secure mobility, and for the use of wireless communications in healthcare applications and environments; develop measurement methods and algorithms to facilitate the standardization and adoption of wireless ad hoc networks.
Some of the work mentioned above is developed in the context of the Information Technology Laboratory, Pervasive IT Program.

Keywords: mobile ad-hoc networks, handover, QoS, telemedicine, IEEE 802, IETF.

Complex Systems

plum colored bullet Measurement Science for Complex Information Systems:
Develop modeling and analysis methods to understand relationships among parameters and responses in large distributed systems, such as communications networks, computing grids and service-oriented architectures. Develop and refine methods to model large systems in computationally feasible form, where the number of system variables and responses become manageable. Construct abstract Markov models simulating large systems, and subject those models to perturbation-analysis to predict potential failure modes. Develop an analytical framework to understand relationships among pricing, admission control and scheduling for resource allocation in computing clusters. Develop interactive software for visualizing voluminous, multidimensional data sets generated from simulating large distributed systems. Characterize the limitations of existing fluid-approximation models of communications networks and construct improved analytical models of such networks.

Keywords: cluster analysis, correlation analysis, fluid-flow modeling, interactive multidiminesional data analysis, Markov modeling, mean-field approximation, mesoscopic modeling, orthogonal fractional factorial design, perturbation analysis, principal components analysis, sensitivity analysis, state-space reduction

Emerging Technologies

plum colored bullet Quantum Information Networks:
Investigate engineering and measurement issues for quantum information networks, implement and test quantum cryptographic algorithms/quantum key distribution systems.

Keywords: quantum communication, cryptography & key distribution (QKD), BB84, free space optics, photon source/dectors, entangled photons, quantum repeaters.

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