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Education and Training: Future Plans

Future Courses In addition to the currently scheduled courses, the following additional courses are being developed:
Repitition of Courses It is anticipated that the courses in the canon - Uncertainty, Experimental Design, EDA, Regression, ANOVA, - will be repeated in cycles through the succeeding years.
Future Plans for Training SED has provided many courses over the past 20 years of its 50-year history. Improvements that are anticipated in the new, and subsequent, yearly sequences all relate to increased agility:
  • more agile in registration - WEB-based registration and request queueing
  • more agile in length - from 2 hours to 5 days
  • agile in instructor base - making use of outside-of-NIST instructors to supplement SED staff
  • agile in attendance format - providing versions of courses or portions of courses available to Groups, Divisions, Laboratories, or small limited-interest groups at NIST
  • more agile in content - going way beyond the classical core subjects to modern and hypermodern topics in probability, statistics, and statistical computing
  • more agile in medium - videotaped versions of courses are being contemplated

Date created: 2/1/2002
Last updated: 2/1/2002
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