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DATAPLOT Unix Executables

Introduction We provide pre-built Dataplot executables for a number of Unix platforms. The list of supported executables is determined by what I have access to at NIST, and is therefore subject to change as the available platforms at NIST change.

Sometimes there are compatibility issues if you are running a different level of the operating system. Problems are more likely if you are running an older version of the operating system. My recommendation is to try using the pre-built executable. If it does not work, then you will have to download and build from the source. Our site tends to stay current with the operating systems.

Also, I use static, rather than shared, libraries whenever possible. This is done to minimize problems for sites that may not have the appropriate libraries (in particular, many sites do not have the Fortran runtime libraries). However, on some platforms, the X11 library is only available as a shared library. This should not present a problem as the needed X11 library should be available as part of the standard operating system.

I no longer have access to some of these platforms. I provide the most recent executable that I have. For these platforms, you might want to download the executable to get started. However, I recommend that you download the source and build from the source in order to have a more current version.

Red Hat Linux - Fedora - CentOS
Red Hat Linux
There are a number of Linux vendors (Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, Debian, etc.). I currently build the 64-bit executable on a CentOS system (using gcc/gfortran version 4.1.2) and the 32-bit executable on a Fedora system (using gcc/gfortran version 4.3.2). If your system is running gcc version 3.x (use "gcc -v" to check), you will need to build Dataplot from source as the run time libraries will not be compatible. If you run a different variant of Linux, the provided executables may or may not work. We recommend checking the version of gcc first. If you are running version 4.x of gcc, then you can try running the pre-built executable first. If this pre-built executable does not run on your system, then you will need to download the source and build Dataplot from the source code.

32-bit Linux: Last updated 07/15/2009. Linux Red Hat Fedora executable (built with gfortran rather than g77 on Fedora 5).

64-bit Linux: Last updated 07/15/2009. 64-bit Linux (built on CentOS) executable

Cygwin Cygwin is freely downloadable software that provides a Linux-like environment on a Windows platforms. Note that the Dataplot Red Hat Linux executable does not run under cygwin. You have to use the executable that was explicitly built for cygwin.

Typically, you will want to run Dataplot using X11 for cygwin. So you should install the cygwin X11 software if you haven't already done so. See the cygwin web site for more information.

NOTE: Last updated 07/15/2009. Cygwin executable

Other Unix Systems
Other Unix Systems I no longer have acces to Solaris, SGI, AIX, or HP workstations. For these systems, you need to download the source and build the Dataplot executable from the source. Executables for other Unix systems (Solaris, SGI, AIX, HP) are sufficiently old that we no longer provide the pre-built executables (I no longer have access to these systems). For these systems, you can build Dataplot from the source code.

You can download the most recent executables that I have for:

Solaris (non-Intel Sun platforms) (last updated 02/25/2008)

and SGI IRIX (last updated 04/25/2006).

If you do build an executable from the source code for one of these systems and would like to make it available, please contact Alan Heckert.

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