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OMNITAB 80 is a high-level spread sheet for statistical analysis. OMNITAB, the precursor of Minitab(TM), was developed in the Statistical Engineering Division and is maintained by the Statistical Engineering Division. OMNITAB performs many different statistical analyses, arithmetic and trigonometric calculations, and matrix and array operations. The software responds to simple instructions and uses reliable computational algorithms.

NOTE: OMNITAB was commercialized by MINITAB in the 1980's. At that time, active development of OMNITAB ceased (the special publication was published 1986, there has been no significant active development since then). On the other hand, MINITAB has continued active development since that time. For that reason, it is not accurate to think of OMNITAB as a free version of MINITAB. We provide OMNITAB to support legacy applications. However, there is no active consulting support beyond providing the software. Also, there are no formal ties between NIST and MINITAB. Any inquiries regarding MINITAB should be addressed directly to MINITAB.

Major capabilities include:

  • Statistical analyses, including
    • Regression analysis
    • Analysis of variance
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Data manipulation
  • Matrix and array operations
  • Probability functions

An important feature of OMNITAB is that the regression and analysis of variance commands produce automatic outputs showing relevant statistics, standard deviations and diagnostic plots.

Primary documentation for OMNITAB is available as a NIST Special Publication:

Peavy, Sally T., Bremer, Shirley G., Varner, Ruth N., Hogben, David (1986). OMNITAB 80: An Interpretive System for Statistical and Numerical Analysis. NBS Special Publication 701, available from NIST, Gaithersburg, MD 20899.

You can now download this document in PDF format (approximately 41MB).

You can download an executable for the PC. Alternatively, you can download this executable from anonymous ftp.

    user> anonymous
    password> your e-mail address
    >cd pub/dataplot/omnitab
    >get omnitab.exe c:\omnitab.exe
This is the OMNITAB executable, not an install file. You can put this executable in any directory that is convenient for you. To run OMNITAB, just open a DOS prompt window and type C:\OMNITAB.EXE.

For unix, a compressed tar file of the source is available. This tar file contains an executable for the Sun. For other platforms, use the makefile to build an executable from the source.

Contact Alan Heckert,, if you would like to obtain either a Unix or PC version of Omnitab.

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