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IAD FY2002 Highlights

September No Highlights

August No Highlights

July Usability Reporting Document proves to be useful to industry developers

June ITL signs MOA with Air Force Research Lab for 3D human body visualization

ITL Sponsors Third International MPEG-7 Awareness Event for Next Generation Multimedia Standard

ITL hosts a series of Speech and Speaker Recognition Workshops

ITL Hosts the Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) U.S. Meeting

May No Highlights

April No Highlights

March No Highlights

February ITL Hosts Topic Detection and Tracking Workshop on Text Organization

January No Highlights

December NCITS Approves ITLís Common Industry Format for Usability Test Reports

ITL Contributes to Development of Next Generation Multimedia Standard MPEG-7

ITL hosts the 10th Text Retrieval Conference TREC 2001

November No Highlights

October ITL's Chang's Work on SMIL 2.0 Multimedia Test suite is Noted by W3C

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