The FERET Database

Page last updated: June 16, 2004

The grayscale FERET Database CD-ROM's are completely gone. However the database is still available as "bonus data" on the Color FERET Database DVD-ROM's, released in 2003. As was the case with the grayscale FERET database, the Color FERET Database is available, free of charge, via:

Documentation of the contents and use of the grayscale FERET database is at:

The final release of the grayscale FERET database was made available in March 2001. It was a superset of, and superseded an earlier training release distributed from 1998 through February 2001.

Enquiries regarding the grayscale FERET database to

The following table links to new and supplemental information about the grayscale FERET database and to known bugs and errata present on the CDROM.
Supplemental: Counts of frontal images for each subject, added April 04 2001.
Supplemental: Missing eye coordinates for five images, added April 25 2001.
Supplemental: Recognition Performance for 14 algorithms, added June 07 2001.