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    Date of Presentation Project Presentation Title Author File
    2005-02-11 RT The Rich Transcription 2005 Spring Meeting Recognition Evaluation Jonathan G. Fiscus Nicolas Radde John S. Garofolo Audrey Le Jerome Ajot Christophe Laprun rt05sresults.pdf
    2006-12-14 STD English STD 2006 Results Jonathan Fiscus, Jerome Ajot, George Doddington STD06-english-v0.2.pdf
      TRANSTAC Odds of Successful Transfer of Low-Level Concepts: A Metric For Speech-to-Speech Machine Translation Gregory A. Sanders, Sebastien Bronsart, Sherri Condon, Craig Schlenoff Gregory_Sanders_LREC_2008_slides.pdf
    2008-11-17 VACE-DHS Event Detection in Airport Surveillance: The TRECVid 2008 Evaluation Fiscus, Ajot, Michel, Garofolo, Rose, Yilmaz, Strassel, Simpson 20081117-TRECVid-event-detection-overview-final.pdf



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