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  • Dr. Alvin F. Martin

    Position: Mathematician
    Speech Group (894.01), of the
    Information Access Division, (894), of the
    Information Technology Laboratory
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
    U.S. Department of Commerce

    B.S. University of Chicago
    M.S. Yale University
    Ph.D. Yale University

    Research Interests
    Automatic speech recognition
    Automatic speaker recognition
    Automatic language and dialect recognition
    Spoken language system testing and assessment

    Actively involved in the planning, implementation, and assessment of
    standardized evaluations of systems for large vocabulary speech
    recognition, speaker recognition, and language and dialect recognition,
    including collection and selection of development and test data,
    charts and metrics for scoring and presentation of results, and
    statistical tests for significance of performance differences

    Recent Publications

    A. Martin et al., "The DET Curve in Assessment of Detection Task Performance", Proc. Eurospeech '97, v. 4, pp. 1895-1898

    M. Przybocki and A. Martin, "NIST speaker recognition evaluation - 1997", Proc. RLA2C, Avignon, 20-23 April 1998, pp. 120-123.

    M. Przybocki and A. Martin, "NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluations", Proc. LREC, Granada, Spain, 28-30 May 1998, vol. 1, pp. 331-335.

    D. Reynolds et al., "NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation: Overview, Methodology, Systems, Results, Perspective", Speech Communication, to appear

    D. Pallett et al., "1995 HUB-3 NIST Multiple Microphone Corpus Benchmark Tests", Proc. DARPA Speech Recognition Workshop, Feb. '96, pp. 27-46

    D. Pallett et al., "1997 Broadcast New Benchmark Test Results: English and Non-English", Proc. DARPA Broadcast News Transcription and Understanding Workshop, Feb. '98, pp. 5-11

    D. Pallett et al., "1998 Broadcast New Benchmark Test Results: English and Non-English Word Error Rate Performance Measures", Proc. DARPA Broadcast New Workshop, Feb.-Mar. '99



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