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    What is Automatic Content Extraction (ACE)?

    The objective of the ACE program is to develop automatic content extraction technology to support automatic processing of human language in text form from a variety of sources (such as newswire, broadcast conversation, and weblogs). ACE technology R&D is aimed at supporting various classification, filtering, and selection applications by extracting and representing language content (i.e., the meaning conveyed by the data). Thus the ACE program requires the development of technologies that automatically detect and characterize this meaning.

    The ACE program will be carried out in several phases, beginning with EDT (Entity Detection and Tracking) Phase-1.

    View the presentation describing the ACE program that was given at the TIDES program kick-off meeting.

    Current and Recent ACE Activities

    The most recent ACE evaluation was ACE08 and took place in May 2008.

    Results of recent ACE Evaluations:

    ACE is becoming a track in the Text Analysis Conference (TAC) in 2009. Please explore the TAC website.

    Find more information on past ACE evaluations by clicking a specific year in the tabs below.

    [ 1999 ] [ 2000 ] [ 2001 ] [ 2002 ] [ 2003 ] [ 2004 ] [ 2005 ] [ 2007 ] [ 2008 ]



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