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    2000 Evaluation (ACE Phase 1 2000)
    Entity Detection and Tracking (EDT)

    The ACE research objectives are viewed as the detection and characterization of Entities, Relations, and Events. The ACE pilot study begins the technology R&D effort by focusing on entity detection in phase 1. This task is being defined so as to support applications as well as to provide a basis for further development in extracting relations and events.

    The Entity Detection task requires that selected types of entities mentioned in the source data be detected and that selected attributes of these entities be extracted and merged into a unified representation for each entity. Tracking of entities across document boundaries will be deferred until after the initial phase.

    The pilot study (EDT phase-1) concluded with an evaluation and final worshop in May 2000. At this meeting it was decided to support further system development on the EDT task. This effort was discussed at the ACE Kickoff Meeting held on 29 Nov. through 1 Dec. 2000. The agenda contains links to the presentations given at this meeting.

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