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    A pilot evaluation of "Entity Translation" will be conducted as part of ACE-07. It will be coordinated along with the ACE evaluation, although the registration and evaluation processes will be completely separate. Participants in the Entity Translation (ET) pilot evaluation have no obligation to participate in the separate monolingual ACE information extraction evaluation.

    Systems participating in the pilot ET task will be evaluated on their ability to take in a text document in one language (either Mandarin Chinese or Arabic) and emit an English language catalog of the entities mentioned in the document. Performance will be measured based on a number of parameters, including coverage of the entities recognized as well as the quality of the English language renderings of each entity's mentions. The type of mentions that are to be included in this reporting include those that are in the form of names, descriptors (nominal phrases) and pronouns.

    Updated 01/04/2007 to include the "Chinese" versions of the documents:

    Sample input/output data files for the ET task are available.

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