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    Evaluation Plans:

    Evaluation plans are provided to define the evaluation protocols. There is a separate evaluation plan for the ACE07 evaluation tasks, and the new pilot evaluation of Entity Translation.

    • ACE: The current version of the ACE evaluation plan is version 1.3a.
    • ET: Updated 1/18/07: The current version (1.8) of the pilot Entity Translation evaluation plan is available. The modifcation was a clarification in Mention Scoring (4th paragraph, page 2).
      • Minor revisions may be expected

    Registering for Participation in the Evaluation:

    Registration closes on January 19th, 2007 for both the ACE07 evaluation tasks as well as the pilot evaluation of Entity Translation.

    To officially register your organization for participating in the NIST ACE07 evaluation or the pilot evaluation of Entity Translation, the following form(s) must be completed and returned to NIST:

    • ACE: Official ACE07 Participation Registration form (closed)
    • ET: Official ACE07 Pilot Entity Translation Task Registration form (closed)

    Required License Agreements:

    The Linguistic Data Consortium requires that all participants in the ACE07 and/or the pilot Entity Translation evaluation (ET07) sign the LDC license agreement that governs the use of LDC data, before receiving training or evaluation data.

    These forms should be filled out and returned to:

    LDC Membership Coordinator
    FAX: (215) 573-2175

    The ACE 2007 DTD's:

    These DTD's are distributed with the training data.

    • APF (ACE file format) version 5.1.2, updated Dec/18/06.
    • AG (LDC annotation tool format)
    • SGML (ACE source file format)
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    Last Updated: November 4, 2008

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