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  • MADCAT 2008 Phase 1 Evaluation

    The pilot evaluation for the first MADCAT phase was held during the fall 2008.

    Evaluation Planning

    The MADCAT 2008 Phase 1 Evaluation Plan (revision 3) describes the Evaluation Tasks, Data, Post-Editing Protocol, Evaluation Metrics.

    Data Resources

    Training data, development data and pilot evaluation data releases were provided by the LDC.


    The MATCAT scoring package (MATCATEval) is available from the NIST Speech Group tools page.


    The table below lists the dates of the major milestones in the pilote evaluation.

    Date Milestone Description
    June 3 - Sept 9, 2008 Training & Development Data
    Aug 27 - Sept 17, 2008 Pilot Dry-Run
    Sept 22 - Nov 14, 2008 Pilot Evaluation
    Jan 20 - May 6, 2009 Formal Evaluation (if required)




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