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    2008 Evaluation (MetricsMATR08)

    MetricsMATR08 was the first NIST MetricsMATR challenge. It took place in the summer of 2008 and was implemented in accordance with the NIST MetricsMATR08 Evaluation Plan; please follow the link below to explore it. MetricsMATR08 concluded with a workshop at AMTA 2008.



    Automatic metric scores on other data


    Mar 31 2008 Development data set released
    Aug 01 2008 Deadline for participation commitment
    Aug 01 2008 - Sep 05 2008 Metric submission period
    Sep 05 2008 Deadline for metric software to be installed and operational at NIST
    Sep 30 2008 Paper describing submitted metric(s) due at NIST
    Oct 25 2008 AMTA 2008 workshop: MetricsMATR

    Joining the NIST OpenMT Evaluation Community

    You can subscribe to the MetricsMATR mailing list hosted by NIST, metricsmt_list@nist.gov, by sending e-mail to listproc@nist.gov. Include "subscribe metricsmt_list" in the body.

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