NIST Metrics for Machine Translation 2010 Evaluation (MetricsMaTr10) Official Release of Results

History of Changes


NIST continued the MetricsMaTr Challenge, a series of research challenge events for machine translation (MT) metrology promoting the development of innovative, even revolutionary, MT metrics, with MetricsMaTr10. Please visit the for general information on the MetricsMaTr evaluation series, and the MetricsMaTr10 page for specfics on the 2010 evaluation.

MetricsMaTr10 was implemented in accordance with the MetricsMaTr10 evaluation plan. It took place in the spring/summer of 2010 as part of the Joint Fifth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and MetricsMaTr10, a workshop of ACL 2010.

Results in this report are limited to the MetricsMaTr10 test set; results for the WMT10 test set will be available on the WMT10 web site.


MetricsMaTr10 evaluation set



Correlation Results


References to this report should cite: Peterson, K. & M. Przybocki, NIST 2010 Metrics for Machine Translation Evaluation (MetricsMaTr10) Official Release of Results,


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