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    Evaluation Software

    Current Version:

      • Release date: May 20 2005.
      • Digits join was removed from the text normalization process.


      • Release date: June 15 2004.
      • Version 11 fixes a bug with joining numbers and makes the filehandle operate in binary mode.
      • Version 11a fixes a bug in the reporting of individual n-gram scores for the BLEU metric.
      • Release date: November 19 2003.
      • Version 10 has been updated to include more detailed score reports. By default both NIST and BLEU scores are reported. Use "-b" for just BLEU scores, "-n" for just NIST scores.
      • New reports include:
        • Cumulative scores for n-grams 1 to 9.
        • Individual scores for n-grams 1 to 9.
      • The MT DTD did not change.
      • Release date: December 3 2002.
      • Release date: April 16 2002.
        Modified the NIST metric in accordance with the findings on the 2001 Chinese-English dry run corpus. Also incorporates the BLEU metric as an option and supports the output of ngram detail. View the mteval-08-performance summary (pdf).

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