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    June 27 2007
    Evaluation plan released.
    July 1 2007
    Training data cutoff date. All data created, posted, or published during or after this date is off-limits for system training and development.
    Approx. August 31 2007
    Urdu resources DVD available.
    January 10 2008
    Registration deadline.
    All participants required to complete the registration form.
    January 28 2008
    9:00am EST
    Evaluation test data e-mailed to participants.
    February 1 2008
    12:00 noon EST
    Deadline for on-time submission of results to NIST.
    February 8 2008
    Preliminary release of results to participants.
    March 27-28 2008
    Evaluation workshop, open to participants and government sponsors only, held in the Baltimore/Washington DC area.
    May 23 2008
    Official public release of results.

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