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    The Rich Transcription Spring 2003 Evaluation (RT-03S), implemented in March-April 2003, focused on STT tasks. The STT tasks not only included the different data domains but also extended to different languages in addition to English. Unlike the RT-02 STT tasks, the RT-03S STT tasks did not include the meeting data domain because that domain was moved to another RT evaluation. The RT-03S evaluation also included one MDE task, "Who Spoke When" speaker diarization for broadcast news speech and conversational telephone speech in English. For more information about the evaluation, please refer to the evaluation plan listed in the Documentation section below.


    • RT Spring 2003 Evaluation Plan, v4, 2/25/03 [pdf, doc]
    • RT Spring 2003 Evaluation Plan addenda document, change added 3/13/03 [txt]
    • Reference Cookbook for "Who Spoke When" Diarization Task, v2.4, 3/17/03 [pdf, doc]
    • "Who Spoke When" Milestones [txt]
    • RT Transcription Guidelines, v2.2, 2/23/03 [pdf, doc]

    Scoring Software

    Evaluation Results

    • The RT-03S evaluation results can be found here.

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