Minutes from RT Teleconference Nov. 25, 2008

Role call
Jon Fiscus - NIST
Travis Rose - NIST
Meghan Glenn - LDC
Andreas Stolcke - SRI/ICSI
Bin Ma
Mike Lincoln
Friedrich Faubel (friedrich.faubel@lsv.uni-saarland.de)
Dietrich Klakow (dietrich.klakow@lsv.uni-saarland.de)
Asmaa El Hannani
Gerald Friedland
John McDonough

How to handle IHM condition for AMI meetings with remote participants.  (See minutes from last telecon for details)
Workshop venue
Data Resources: Evaluation Data Contributions
What can be done to share processed data?
How many STT sites are there going to be?
When will RT07 video data be available?
Microphone Array Quality Assessment methods:
Next Call:
New evaluation condition: Fixed latency proposal