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  • 2006 NIST Speaker Recognition Evaluation

    The 2006 NIST Speaker Recognition (SRE-06) evaluation is part of an ongoing series of yearly evaluations conducted by NIST. These evaluations provide an important contribution to the direction of research efforts and the calibration of technical capabilities. They are intended to be of interest to all researchers working on the general problem of text independent speaker recognition. To this end the evaluation was designed to be simple, to focus on core technology issues, to be fully supported, and to be accessible.

    • Apri 24, 2006
    • NIST sent out the SRE-06 evaluation data and several errors were found, please go to the bug fix page for the complete list of bug fixes.

    • The protocols and procedures of this year's evaluation is given in the evaluation plan (updated March 7, 2006).

    • Those who are interested in participating in the evaluation must fill out a registration form and return to NIST before the registration deadline of March 27, 2006. Please type or print legibly, sign, and fax/send it to NIST.

    • Sites must put in a separate request (in addition to registering) to NIST to get the training and/or development data. Non-LDC members must sign the LDC's license agreement before NIST can send any data out.

    • Links to the answer keys for the 2004 & 2005 SRE test sets are given in the table below.

    • The version of the SRE-05 key below contains some corrections for the cross-channel trials.

    • Sites that recently requested the entire SRE-05 test set will need to download the corrected trial lists because the trial lists that came with the data are incorrect.
    Evaluation Schedule
    Initial posting of the evaluation plan
    December 23, 2005
    Last day to sign up to participate in the evaluation
    March 27, 2006
    Evaluation data to arrive at participating sites
    April 24, 2006
    Site submissions due at NIST
    May 16, 2006 at 11:59 PM, US EDT
    Initial release of results released to participants
    May 22, 2006
    Last day to register for the workshop
    May 25, 2006
    Last day to receive special room rate
    May 25, 2006
    Site workshop presentations/papers due at NIST
    Evaluation workshop in San Juan, Puerto Rico
    June 25-27, 2006



    Answer Keys for Previous Evaluation Test Sets

    SRE-05 cross-channel
    (subset of the SRE-05 key but contains two additional fields:

    (1) the channel (a, b) in the telephone conversation file where the cross-channel speaker appears.

    (2) the location (LDC, ISIP) where the cross-channel side was recorded.

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