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    Information retrieval is a major economic activity around the world, and digitized speech from many sources is growing rapidly in volume. Responding to the opportunity and need, NIST is designing a new evaluation initiative called Spoken Term Detection (STD). The goal is to facilitate research and development of technology for finding short word sequences rapidly and accurately in large heterogeneous audio archives an important precursor to more sophisticated retrieval technologies. If you are working on or interested in this type of technology, please send email to STD-info@nist.gov to join the community. A brief description of the current plan follows can be found in the complete STD Announcement.

    NIST hosted the STD 2006 Evaluation Workshop December 14-15, 2006.  The workshop was open to all STD '06 participants and invited guests.  The results discussed during the workshop are available for download from the file std06_results_20061207.tgz. The online agenda from the workshop contains links the presentations made during the workshop. 

    Evaluation Plan

    The evaluation plan describes the STD task, evaluation metrics, and the evaluation protocol in more detail than the announcement.  The current version, v10 (PDF).The STD Eval Plan V10 Errata-v2 contains minor wording changes to the evaluation plan.

    Data Resources

    Web-accessible data resources have been moved to the global STD Resources Page.

    Evaluation Tools

    Conference call minutes 

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