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  • 1999 TDT Workshop


    Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner
    Vienna, Virginia, USA

    February 28-March 1, 2000

    Last modified March 29, 2000

    Workshop Description

    The Topic Detection and Tracking workshop (TDT-3) included an introduction to the TDT tasks, a description of algorithms and systems that addressed those tasks, and a presentation of the results from the multi-site evaluation. This web site contains many of the presentations made at the workshop, and technical papers written for the workshop notebook. The presentations are have also been linked into the final agenda.

    Talks, Papers and Demos

    All TDT-3 sites were expected to submit a paper that will appear in the normal NIST-provided conference notebook. The paper should describe the system that was used to address the TDT-3 tasks, including any theoretical background that might be important to understand it. It should discuss your results and any interesting analysis that you have performed since the results were submitted.

    Because this workshop was focused entirely on TDT and related topics, the time for presentations and discussion will be greater than during last year's Broadcast News workshop. To reduce overlap in presentations, slots were handled on a competitive basis. Participants were asked to propose talks covering the following areas:

    • Introductory and background material on a TDT-3 task. Talks in this area might provide explanations of the TDT-3 tasks for people who are unfamiliar with them or might cover typical past approaches to the tasks.
    • Your site's work on one or more TDT-3 tasks. These talks should discuss work that is novel for TDT-3, whether or not the work was successful.
    • Other research that is related to TDT-3, either because it explores issues more deeply than the TDT-3 tasks do, or because it investigates event-based organization of a different type.
    • Demonstrations of running TDT systems or systems that are strongly related to TDT. Demonstrations could show off one or more TDT tasks running "live" (on the TDT data, not on a real feed). Systems that allow users to try out different approaches are particularly encouraged.

    The conference notebook will include each site's description of what was done. Speakers will also provide copies of their slides to appear in the notebook.

    The workshop will not have a bound proceedings. However, a book in the Kluwer International Series on Information Retrieval (W. Bruce Croft, series editor) will be created from selected papers. The book will be edited by James Allan, Jaime Carbonell, and Jon Yamron. Further details will be sent soon.





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