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    The Topic Detection and Tracking (TDT) 2000 evaluation project began February, 2000, as an evaluation community of the DARPA Translingual Information Detection and Summarization (TIDES) Program. The evaluation-driven project advances the state of the art in technologies that organize events in simultaneously collected streams of multilingual news data. The evaluation is open to all interested participants, (see the contacts below).

    This year's project defines five research applications: Story Segmentation, Topic Tracking, Topic Detection, First Story Detection, and Link Detection. The Evaluation Plan contains descriptions of the applications and the protocols for running and evaluating them. Please read and understand this document before developing a TDT system for the evaluation.


    The evaluation has begun as of September 13, 2000 and results are due October 10, 2000. The index files for the evaluation have been prepared by available at the URL ftp://jaguar.ncsl.nist.gov/tdt/tdt2000/tdt2000_evalcorpus_20000914.tgz.

    Results will be discussed at two meetings: The TDT2000 Workshop, November 16-17, 2000 at NIST and The DARPA Translingual Information Detection, Extraction, and Summarization (TIDES) HLT '01 meeting, March 18-21, 2001 in San Diego.

    If interested in becoming a TDT participant, contact speech_webmaster[at]nist.gov.


    If you are interested in participating in TDT, would like to be added to the TDT email list, or have questions about the evaluation protocols and software, contact speech_webmaster[at]nist.gov.

    Questions regarding the TDT corpora and obtaining access to it should be directed to ldc@ldc.upenn.edu

    The TDT2000 Evaluation is Sponsored by

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