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    Evaluation Tools

    Name Description
    F4DE-2.0b10-20090925-1052.tar.bz2 Framework For Detection Evaluations (includes CLEAR, TRECVid Event Detection, and AVSS Multi-Camera Person Tracking evaluation tools)
    MADCATEval_1.1.0-20100201-1609.tar.bz2 (MD5) MADCAT Evaluation Toolkit Version 1.1.0
    mteval-v13a-20091001.tar.gz mteval scoring script for the Open MT Evaluation, with example. Version 13a.
    sctk-2.4.0-20091110-0958.tar.bz2 (MD5) Speech Recognition Scoring Toolkit (SCTK) Version 2.4.0 (Includes the SCLITE, ASCLITE, tranfilt, hubscr, SLATreport and utf_filt scoring tools).
    STDEval-0.6-20061122-1108.tgz Spoken Term Detection (STD) Evaluation Toolkit Version 0.6 (Includes the STDEval, DETUtil and ProcGraph).
    score_3.6.2.tar.Z Speech Recognition Scoring Package(SCORE) Version 3.6.2
    DETware_v2.1.tar.gz DET-Curve Plotting software for use with MATLAB.
    gnu_detware.tar.Z DET-Curve Plotting software for use with gnuplot.
    ieeval0.6.tar.gz 1998 Information Extraction - Named Entity (IE-NE) Scoring Software Version 0.6 contributed by SAIC.
    edt_.scorer.tar.gz Developed for ACE (EDT phase 1). Compares different ALEMBIC annotations for EDT phase1 task definition. Comparison is performed on ALEMBIC XML output files.
    tranfilt-1.14.tgz A set of ASR transcription filtering scripts. These scripts are used in conjuction with SCTK to score the NIST speech recognition evaluations.
    seg_scr.v21.tar.Z Generic time-based segmentation scorer with examples. Developed for the 2000 NIST speaker recognition evaluation.
    TDT3eval_v2.6 Evaluation script suite for the TDT Evaluations

    Language Technology Tools

    Name Description
    CMUseg_0.5 Acoustic Segmentation Software Version 0.5 contributed by CMU
    aldistsm-1.2.tar.Z Alignment Distance Split Merge Program to perform phonologically-motivated split/merge alignment of word strings.
    tsylb2-1.1.tar.Z sylbfilt.c Syllabification software
    addttp4-1.1.tar.Z Text-to-phone software

    Corpus Building Tools

    Name Description
    spqa_2.3+sphere_2.5.tar.Z Speech Quality Assurance (SPQA) Package Version 2.3 AND Speech File Manipulation Software (SPHERE) Package Version 2.5
    sphere_2.6a.tar.Z Speech File Manipulation Software(SPHERE) Package Version 2.6a
    ATLAS Architecture and Tools for Linguistic Analysis Systems



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    Last Updated: February 1, 2010

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