Selected Staff Accomplishments

Department of Commerce Medal Awards and NIST Awards

Bradley K. Albert shared a 1997 Bronze Medal Group Award with two colleagues in NIST's Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory for their work in developing an algorithm for the processing of antenna measurements corrupted by probe position errors that extends the usefulness of existing antenna measurement techniques to higher frequencies and mobile antennas.

John K. Antonishek received a 1996 Bronze Medal for the installation, implementation, and management of the NIST North network and telephone systems. He also received the 1996 NIST Safety Award for Superior Accomplishment for his safety leadership in the installation of the computer communication network at the NIST North campus.

Patricia D. Barnett received a 1996 Bronze Medal for extraordinary service in supporting the hardware and software for the NIST-wide e-mail and calendaring functions.

William Burr, Donna Dodson, Noel Nazario, and W. Timothy Polk received a 1997 Bronze Medal Group Award for exceptional technical and managerial work in the development of Public Key Infrastructure technology.

Judith E. Devaney, Robert R. Lipman, and William F. Mitchell received a 1996 Bronze Medal Group Award for creation of the NIST Parallel Applications Development Environment (PADE).

William F. Guthrie received a 1997 Bronze Medal for statistical contributions to the measurement services critical to the electronics and optoelectronics industries.

Walter S. Liggett, Jr. shared the 1996 Edward Bennett Rosa Award with four other NIST scientists for the development and international acceptance of a method for the more accurate determination of Rockwell C Hardness, a measured material property of great importance in manufacturing and commerce.

James R. Lyle received a 1996 Bronze Medal for advancing the state of the art and practice in static analysis methods for computer software.

David S. Pallett received a 1997 Silver Medal and a 1996 Bronze Medal for leadership in the development of speech corpora and its valuable use by spoken language recognition researchers.

Marianne Swanson and John P. Wack received a 1996 Bronze Medal Group Award for the successful establishment and management of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST).

External Recognition

For a 1997 R&D 100 Award, R&D Magazine selected S-Check(r), an advanced software performance improvement tool developed by ITL. Started from an idea of Gordon Lyon and developed and managed by Robert Snelick, the S-Check project has included team members John Antonishek, Michel Courson, Nathalie Drouin, Michael Indovina, Joseph Ja'Ja', Raghu Kacker, and Dominique Rodriguez.

The Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) selected the team of David Ferraiolo, Richard Kuhn, John Barkley, Anthony Cincotta, all of ITL; Serban Gavrilla, VDG; and Janet Cugini, Citicorp, to receive a 1998 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer for their work in Role Based Access Control. The award recognizes Federal Laboratory employees who have done an outstanding job of transferring technology developed in the laboratory to partners in government agencies as well as the private sector.

Michael Garris received an FLC 1996 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer for his software distribution of a form-based handprint system for evaluating optical character recognition (OCR). Garris and his associates transferred this state-of-the-art technology in the public domain to numerous industry and government users via a CD-ROM using ISO-9660 format.

Secretary of Commerce Daley presented a 1997 Hammer Award, issued by the National Performance Review, to NIST, NOAA, and the Bureau of the Census who participate in the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC); ITL's Bruce Rosen is the NIST representative. The award recognized the work done by these organizations to cooperatively produce and share current and accurate geospatial data which contributes locally, nationally, and globally to economic growth, environmental quality and stability, and social progress.

The General Accounting Office (GAO) presented 1997 Special Commendation Awards to Shu-jen Chang, Donna Dodson, Jim Foti, Mike Indovina, Sharon Keller, and Miles Smid. The awards recognize "contributions in the development of a very robust and secure electronic signature system that can be used by a variety of applications and agencies to provide transaction level data integrity."

Daniel R. Benigni served as Vice President for Professional Activities and Chairman of the United States Activities Board (IEEE-USA) for 1997.

Paul Boggs was appointed to the Advisory Board for the newly formed High Performance Computing Users (HPCU) Group.

The IEEE Computer Society presented Anthony Cincotta with an Outstanding Contribution service award for his "outstanding contribution as technical editor for IEEE/CS Project P2003, POSIX Test Methods."

Leslie Collica received the ATM Forum Spotlight Award for her technical contributions and her work as Editor and Vice-Chair of the Testing Working Group at the December 1996 ATM Forum.

David Cypher received at the December 1996 ATM Forum the Editorship of the Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS) of the Private Network to Network Interface (PNNI) standard.

Christopher Dabrowski received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Information Infrastructure Standards Panel (IISP) for his key role in developing the IISP "Framework for Identifying Requirements for Standards for the National Information Infrastructure (NII)," which provides a guide to identifying needed standards.

Lisa Gill was elected in 1997 to a three-year term as Treasurer/Secretary of the Quality & Productivity Research Conference Steering Committee of the American Statistical Association.

Lynne B. Hare received the William G. Hunter Award from the ASQ Statistics Division at the 1997 Fall Technical Conference for his contributions to the field of applied statistics as a consultant, educator, communicator and integrator of statistical thinking into other disciplines. He also chaired the Ellis R. Ott Scholarship Award Committee of ASQ's Statistics Division and Chair, Section on Quality and Productivity, American Statistical Association.

Karen Hsing, who leads the DAVIC-based (Digital Audio Visual Council) Video-on-Demand (VoD) Interoperability testing project, received an award for outstanding contributions to the completion of DAVIC specification 1.1 and 1.2 in the 16th DAVIC meeting in London, UK, March 7, 1997.

Victor McCrary was invited by the prestigious Sigma Xi Distinguished Lectureships Program to serve on the 60th College of Distinguished Lecturers for a two-year term from July 1997 to June 1999.

Fernando L. Podio received a 1997 Association for Information and Image Management International (AIIM) Master of Information Technology Award for outstanding accomplishments in the field of information and image management.

Roldan Pozo received a 1996 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government for outstanding scientists and engineers beginning their independent research careers. The award recognizes exceptional potential for leadership at the frontiers of scientific knowledge during the twenty-first century.

Karin Remington was elected to a four-year term on the Board of Directors of SIGNUM, the Association for Computing's (ACM) Special Interest Group on Numerical Mathematics (SIGNUM).

Jean Scholtz is ACM SIGCHI vice chair of finance 1997-99.

Marianne Swanson received the 1996 Leadership and Achievement Award from the Industry Advisory Council of the Federation of Government Information Processing Councils for her work with the Government Information Technology Services (GITS) Board in promoting support mechanisms for governmentwide security initiatives.

Jim Tighe received a 1997 NIST Boulder Labs Young Scientist Award for his creativity, initiative, and outstanding contributions to the scientific mission of NIST.

Marvin Zelkowitz was selected as a 1997 Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Fellow for contributions toward the development of a practical programming environment for effective software development.

ITL staff members serving in editorial positions include:

Paul Boggs - HPCU Editorial Board of The Journal of HPC Users, the SIAM News, and Applied Mathematics Letters.

Ronald Boisvert - ACM Publications Board; Editor-in-Chief for the ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software.

Daniel Lozier - Associate Editor of Mathematics of Computation.

Geoffrey B. McFadden - Editorial Board of the SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics and the Journal of Computational Physics.

Mark Vangel - Chair of the Statistics Working Group of MIL Handbook 17 on Polymer Matrix Composites; program chair-elect for the Section on Risk Analysis of the American Statistical Association.

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Technical Activity
(within the National Committee for
Information Technology Standards, NCITS)
Participant(s) Division Number
H2 - JTC1/SC21/WG3) Database E. Fong 897
H3 - (JTC1/SC24) Computer Graphics & Image Processing -
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Reference Implementation and Conformance Tests
L. Rosenthal
M. Brady
M. Skall
H3 - (IEC/JTC1/SC24/WG6) Multimedia Presentation and Interchange L. Rosenthal
M. Brady
H3.8 - (JTC1/SC24/WG7) Image Processing and Interchange M. Skall
S. Sherrick
H7 - Object Information Management E. Fong 897
J22 - (JTC1/SC22/JSG) Java G. Fisher
L. Carnahan
L1 - ISO TC 211) Geographic Information Systems C. Dabrowski 897
L3.1 - (JTC1/SC29/WG11) MPEG Development Activity A. Nakassis 891
L3.2 - (JTC1/SC29/WG1) Still Image Coding M. Rubinfeld 894
L8 - (JTC1/SC14) Data Representation J. Newton
B. Rosen
L8.6 - (JTC1/SC14/WG4) Classification of Data Elements J. Newton 897
T4 - (JTC1/SC27) IT Security Techniques E. Troy
E. Flahavin
Technical Activity (other) Participant(s) Division
ACM - Role Based Access Control J. Barkley 897
AIIM - Committee C21 Storage Devices and Applications F. Podio 895
ANSI/NISO - Z39.50 Implementors=Group
- ZPRISE Prototype
P. Over 894
ASTM E-11 - Quality and Statistics C. Croarkin 898
ATM Forum - Private Network to Network Interface Group D. Cypher 892
ATM Forum - Testing Working Group L. Collica 892
ATM Forum - Traffic Management, Residential Broadband, Service Applications D. Su 892
CCIB - Common Criteria/Implementation Board G. Troy
S. Katzke
DAVIC - Digital Audio Video Council K. Hsing 892
ECMA - Java Scripting Language Study Group G. Fisher 897
Educom IMS Consortium J. Barkley 897
IEEE - P802.14 Cable Modems D. Su 892
IETF-INT - Internet Area (IPv6, IP/ATM) R. Glenn
D. Montgomery
H. Fang
IETF-MGMT - Management Area (SNMP, MIBs) w. Chang 892
IETF-RTG - Routing Area D. Montgomery 892
IETF-SEC - Security Protocols Area R. Glenn
S. Chang
IETF-TSV - Transport Area (RSVP, RTP) D. Montgomery
S. Chang
IETF - Privacy & Security Research Group T. Polk 893
IMA - Interactive Multimedia Association - metadata standard for digital objects T. Rhodes 897
IMTC - Video Conferencing Standards (H.324/H.323/H.320/T.120) J.P. Favreau 892
OMG - Applications Development Working Group T. Rhodes 897
OMG - Business Object Management E. Fong 897
OMG - Object Request Broker Task Force J. Barkley 897
OMG - Object Services Task Force J. Barkley
T. Rhodes
OMG - Portable Common Tool Environment (PCTE) Special Interest Group T. Rhodes 897
OMG - User SIG - Metrics WG J. Barkley 897
NIST - ANSI Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial & SMT Information M. McCabe 894
NIST - Interoperable Message Passing Interface Dean Collins
Judy Devaney
NIST - Public Key Infrastructure D. Dodson
W. Burr
NIST Advanced Encryption Standard M. Smid 893
T1S1 - Services, Architectures and Signalling D. Cypher 892
U.S. TAG for ISO TC 69 Applications of Statistical Methods C. Croarkin 898
VESA - Flat Panel Display Interface Committee J. Roberts 895
VRML - VRML Consortium L. Rosenthal 897
X9F - Data and Financial Information Security M. Smid 893
X9F.1 Public Key Cryptography for Financial Systems M. Smid 893
X9F.3 - Wholesale Bank Security E. Barker 893
X9F.4 Authentication and Access Control J. Dray 893
OPEN GROUP (Formerly X/Open) Security Group S. Chang 892
Management Activities Participant(s) and Division Number
AIIM Standards Board F. Podio 895
ANSI ASC Statistics Subcommittee C. Croarkin 898
ANSI Executive Standards Council M. Hogan 890
ANSI Information Infrastructure Standards Panel (IISP) M. Hogan
C. Dabrowski
ANSI IISP Steering Committee S. Wakid
M. Hogan
ANSI Information Systems Standards Board (ISSB) M. Hogan 890
ANSI Information Technology Consultative Committee (ITCC) M. Hogan 890
ATM Forum D. Su 892
CommerceNet Consortium B. Rosen 897
EDUCOM Instructional Management Systems (IMS) Advisory S. Wakid 890
G7 Pilot Project: Global Market SMEs J. Moline 894
G7 Pilot Project: Global Inventory of IT Projects J. Moline 894
IEEE Computer Society Technical Advisory Board S. Wakid 890
IEEE Computer Society Publications Board 890 890
IEEE Standards Board D. Benigni 897
ISO/IEC/ITU Global Standards Conference Planning Committee J. Moline 894
ISO/IEC JTC1 SWG-GII (Special Working Group on the Global Information Infrastructure ) US TAG J. Moline 894
ISOC - Internet Society D. Montgomery
C. Hunt
JTC1 TAG (U.S. TAG to ISO/IEC JTC1 on Information Technology) and JTC1 M. Hogan
B. Rosen
Multimedia Communications Forum Board S. Wakid 890
National Software Council S. Wakid 890
Network Management Forum F. Nielsen 897
NIU Forum (North American ISDN Users Forum) L. Collica 892
North American Interoperability Policy Council (IPC) M. Hogan 890
Object Management Group (OMG) J. Barkley 897
Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) J. Roberts 895
XIWT Cross Industry Working Team S. Wakid
J. Linn
NCITS National Committee for Information Technology Standards M. Hogan
B. Rosen
NCITS/OMC Operational Management Committee M. Hogan
B. Rosen
NCITS/PPC Policy and Procedures Committee M. Hogan 890
X9 (ISO TC 68) Financial Services M. Smid
D. Dodson
X12 (ISO TC 154, UNEDIFACT) Electronic Data Interchange J. P. Favreau 892

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ITL participates in many consortia and industry interest groups including the following:

Air Transport Association (ATA) and Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)

The ATA and AIA are international nonprofit organizations for the airline industry and aerospace suppliers. The ATA and AIA consist of the major airline companies, aerospace industries, and software and systems suppliers of the commercial aerospace industry. The ATA, AIA, and ITL are working together to develop a graphics profile and conformance tests methods for the interchange of graphics data within the commercial aerospace industry. The commercial aircraft industry is moving away from paper-based delivery of maintenance data to digital delivery. Conformance testing is critical in ensuring that graphics tools and implementations conform to the ATA profile and ease the transition to digital delivery of data. Lynne Rosenthal is the ITL contact.

Association for Information and Image Management International (AIIM)

ITL participates in AIIM International, the world's leading association for information industry users and providers. Members include key U.S. players of the information, document, and image management industry. AIIM is an accredited American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards development organization involved in creating, disseminating, and promoting industry standards worldwide. Fernando Podio worked with the AIIM Optical Tape Study Group which developed a preliminary set of media specifications, identified a methodology for dynamic testing of optical tape, and submitted two proposals for the development of optical tape ANSI standards. Podio also chairs the Optical Tape Subcommittee of AIMM.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Forum

The ATM Forum is an international nonprofit organization which accelerates the use of ATM products and services through a rapid convergence of interoperability specifications. About 170 U.S. telecommunications corporations comprise the ATM Forum membership. Through the forum, ITL works with test equipment vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, GN Nettest, and Tekelec, and ATM switch vendors to develop interoperability test specifications and conformance test suites. David Su is the ITL principal.

BLAS Technical Forum

This working group is developing standards for core mathematical software components which promote both performance and portability of scientific software. Optimized implementations of the earliest versions the standards, known as the Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS), are now supported by most hardware and software manufacturers of scientific computing products. The BLAS Technical Forum is composed of representatives of computer hardware and software manufacturers as well as government and academic research laboratories who wish to extend the BLAS to new domains. Roldan Pozo and Karin Remington represent ITL. Pozo chairs the sparse matrix subcommittee.

Center for National Software Studies (CNSS)

The CNSS is being established by the National Software Council, an organization of concerned software professionals who recognize the need for national focus and informed leadership on software issues, to study software as a national resource, and help inform the nation and its leadership on the impact of software to the economy. ITL representatives are helping the CNSS identify issues that affect the software capability of the nation, and the will help to reduce their costs and risks. CNSS's initiatives are national competitiveness, trustworthiness of software systems, and competency of the software workforce. Shukri Wakid and Dolores Wallace are the ITL representatives.

Cross Industry Working Team (XIWT)

The Cross Industry Working Team (XIWT) is a multi-industry coalition committed to defining the architecture and key technical requirements for a powerful, sustainable national information infrastructure (NII). Members include firms from the computer, networking, telecommunications, publishing and banking sectors, and others with business interests in the NII. NIST is represented on the executive committee by R.J. (Jerry) Linn; other ITL representatives participate in working groups related to their research and development activities.

Digital Audio Visual Council (DAVIC)

The Digital Audio Visual Council (DAVIC) is an international consortium for the emerging digital audio-visual applications and services. The purpose of DAVIC is to identify, select, augment, and develop internationally agreed specifications of open interfaces and protocols that maximize interoperability across countries and applications/services. ITL works with DAVIC members on the interoperability testing of digital video products conforming to DAVIC specifications. These efforts concentrate on the development of conformance test suites and establishment an interoperability testbed where developers could test their products. The ITL principal is David Su.


ITL's work with the Educom committee on educational multimedia software resulted in the adoption of NIST's Role Based Access Control model for the Educom Instruction Management System (IMS) application program interface. Educom is a consortium of university and industry providers of educational material. Shukri Wakid, John Barkley, and Tom Rhodes serve as advisors to the Educom IMS consortium.

Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

This international, government/industry/academia coalition was formed to share information on information security vulnerabilities and attacks. ITL participates as a member of the FIRST steering committee. Marianne Swanson represents ITL in this interaction.

Information Infrastructure Standards Panel (IISP)

The IISP was formed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1994 to accelerate the development of standards critical to the deployment of information infrastructure products and services. The IISP is an open forum with participation by a broad spectrum of companies, government agencies, standards and specifications developing organizations, industry associations, consortia, etc.

By the end of 1997, the IISP had identified 164 standards needed to implement the Global Information Infrastructure. ITL has actively contributed to the fulfillment of the IISP's mission since its inception. This has included the development of a conceptual framework that helps diverse groups identify requirements for standards for the Global Information Infrastructure. An IISP Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Christopher Dabrowski in January 1997 for his development of the IISP "Framework for Identifying Requirements for Standards for the NII", among other achievements. Christopher Dabrowski is the ITL contact.

Information Infrastructure Standards Panel (IISP) Steering Committee

Based upon the successes and experiences of the IISP to date, the IISP Steering Committee reviewed and revised the IISP's mission and method of operations for 1998. Michael Hogan of ITL led the Steering Committee's group which revised the IISP's Charter and Organization & Operation documents. The revisions were approved by IISP in November 1997. Shukri Wakid is the ITL principal representative to the IISP Steering Committee.

Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

ITL collaborates with the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), an industry association that includes the leading U.S. providers of information technology products and services. One of ITI's activities is to develop positions on issues in standards, testing, certification and quality assurance. Areas include ergonomics, health, safety and hardware, software and systems functional and performance characteristics. ITI also serves as the secretariat for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) and as U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) administrator for ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1 on Information Technology. The ITL liaison to ITI is Michael D. Hogan.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. is the world's largest technical professional society, promoting the development and application of electrotechnology and allied sciences for the benefit of humanity and the advancement of the profession. ITL maintains close ties with the IEEE to help IEEE identify forward-looking standards efforts and to provide industry input to ITL's program planning for standards and test activities. IEEE's close ties to industry and to academia help ITL to understand industry needs and requirements; to know about academic research in areas of interest to NIST; and to communicate about ITL projects. Daniel R. Benigni is Vice President for Regional Activities for 1998 and is the ITL liaison to the IEEE Standards Association Board of Directors.

International Information Integrity Institute (I4)

This internationally based membership organization of information technology security managers consists of the senior security managers from large, international organizations. NIST is a U.S. Government representative in I4. I4 is managed by SRI Consulting, which conducts meetings (three per year), produces regular technical reports, and undertakes special research projects. In October 1996, NIST hosted Forum 29, one of the yearly conferences sponsored by I4. The conference focused on electronic commerce security and brought together over 200 specialists from the U.S. and overseas. Stuart Katzke is the ITL contact.

International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium (IMTC)

The IMTC is a non-profit corporation founded to promote the creation and adoption of international standards for multipoint document and video teleconferencing. The IMTC and its members promote a "Standards First" initiative to guarantee interworking for all aspects of multimedia teleconferencing. The concentration of this group is on promoting and facilitating the broad use of multimedia teleconferencing based on open standards, including the standards adopted by the ITU. Jean-Philippe Favreau is the principal ITL contact for these activities.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

ITL contributes to the technical development of the Internet through its participation in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The IETF develops standards for new technology based upon the TCP/IP protocol suite and addresses various operations and support issues for the public Internet. ITL is actively participating in IETF activities in the areas of IP security, key management, public key infrastructure, IPv6, IP integrated services, resource reservation, IP switching, and advanced routing. ITL has technical representatives in numerous working groups related to these topics. Doug Montgomery is the ITL contact for general issues related to the IETF and for reference to further points of contact on specific issues.

MultiMedia Communications Forum (MMCF)

The MMCF is an international industry consortium dedicated to the goal of accelerating market acceptance of multimedia communications equipment from multiple vendors, with this equipment interoperating across different types of networks. Since its formation in June 1993, the MMCF serves users, service providers, and hardware and software vendors of networked multimedia applications. The MMCF is committed to a broad systems approach through the creation of specifications, the education of the industry, and through alliances with other industry groups working toward complementary objectives. ITL is a principal member of the MMCF. The ITL contact is Leslie Collica.

North American Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Users' Forum (NIUF)

ITL collaborated with industry to form the NIUF in 1988. A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with industry was established in 1991 to govern the management of the forum. The NIUF was formed to create a strong user voice in the implementation of ISDN applications. The forum provides users of ISDN technology with the opportunity to work with implementors to assure that users' needs are met in the ISDN design process. Through the NIUF, users and manufacturers concur on ISDN applications and the resolution of issues, enhancing the strength of the U.S. telecommunications industry in the world marketplace. Through support of the forum, ITL advances new uses of computer and telecommunications technology in government and industry. ITL provides the Chair and Secretariat positions in the NIUF.

Object Management Group (OMG)

The OMG is a nonprofit international consortium, based in Framingham, Massachusetts, of over 500 organizations whose mission is to research, develop, and promote the use of object oriented technology for distributed systems development. The membership consists of all the major producers of information technology hardware and software (e.g., IBM, DEC, Sun, Microsoft), large user organizations e.g., Boeing, Bellcore, Merrill Lynch, Citibank, GTE, MCI, British Telecom), government agencies (e.g., NASA, NSA, DISA, NIH), and universities (e.g., MIT, Stanford, University of Illinois, University of Michigan). Over the past year, NIST representatives from ITL and the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory attended OMG meetings to develop standards for business models and electronic commerce. John Barkley is ITL's technical point of contact in the OMG.

Society for Information Display (SID)

This worldwide professional society and forum is committed exclusively to the advancement of information display technologies. Membership in SID entitles ITL to participate in SID-sponsored symposia, seminars, and access to SID publications. John Roberts is the principal contact.

Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

Established by Congress in 1984, the SEI is a research and development center with a broad charter to address the transition of software engineering technology. ITL established a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SEI to work collaboratively on software engineering issues of mutual interest. Under this agreement, ITL and SEI worked together to complete development of the hypertext facility for Reference Information for Software Quality. SEI is also supporting ITL in its Software Error, Fault and Failure Data Repository project in acquiring and in developing software collection and analysis tools. Dolores Wallace is the ITL principal.

Software Productivity Consortium (SPC)

An industry-based consortium founded in 1985, the SPC focuses on advancing the fundamental processes and methods of software and systems engineering technologies for developing high-quality software intensive systems. The SPC provides a forum for ITL to collaborate with industry, government, and academia on development, application, and exchange of advanced software processes and methods for developing high-quality software systems. The forum allows ITL to contribute its technical views, program results, and capabilities to various industry sectors and provides a mechanism for technology exchange and further collaboration with industry. Thomas Rhodes represents ITL in this consortium.

Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Flat Panel Display Interface Committee

Following an ITL workshop, VESA formed a committee to develop a standard or series of standards for the interface between a flat panel display and its controller. This interface standard addresses both active and passive flat panel displays in integrated devices, and will cover both the electrical and the mechanical specifications. As a full member of VESA, ITL participates in the technical development of standards and develops laboratory implementations of proposed interface architectures by developing laboratory metrics. John Roberts serves as committee vice chair. Other VESA committees with ITL participation include the Monitor Committee (desktop analog CRT displays, the Plug and Display Committee (desktop displays with digital interface), and the PC Theatre Committee (combining advanced television/HDTV with computer displays).

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ITL works with industry, government, and academia to pursue research and development projects of mutual interest, including the following:

Antenna Calibration Algorithm and Software

ITL's Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division and NIST's Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory (EEEL) Electromagnetic Fields Division collaborated on developing an algorithm and corresponding software for the processing of antenna measurements corrupted by probe position errors. The method exploits position information available during the measurement procedure to compute far fields as accurately as when no position errors are present, at a computational cost which is acceptable even for electrically very large antennas.

The interpretation of near-field antenna measurements, which requires transformation to the far field, is typically accomplished with the fast Fourier transform (FFT). When the measurement positions deviate from an ideal rectangular grid, however, the FFT is not applicable without modification. The new algorithm employs a combination of a recently developed, unequally spaced FFT, interpolation, and the conjugate gradient method to accurately transform to the far field at a cost proportional to N log N, where N is the number of measurements (typically between 10,000 and 1,000,000).

The method can be used for measurements at higher frequencies and those taken on mobile platforms, where tight tolerances are difficult to maintain. The software is available to antenna measurement laboratories in government and industry and will support the future deployment of communications satellites operating near the terahertz band. Bradley Alpert is the ITL contact.

ATM Network Tests of a Prototype Video Dial Tone System

Video Dial Tone (VDT) systems promise to make a wide range of video services available in the home and workplace including, for example, video-on-demand, electronic marketplace access, Internet access, and multiplayer games. Bellcore developed a prototype VDT system in collaboration with European partners, utilizing ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) technology. ATM is a cell-based routing and multiplexing technology designed to be a general-purpose, connection-oriented transfer mode for a wide range of telecommunication services. ATM routing is characterized by uniformly sized 53-byte packets and offers quality of service (QoS) guarantees not easily available from packet-switched systems.

ITL's High Speed Network Technologies Group collaborated with Bellcore in testing the prototype VDT system, specifically addressing the impact of ATM network QoS parameters on the performance of the VDT video-on-demand service. Test results showed that ATM QoS is a critical issue of common concern to the VDT system developer and the ATM network service provider and should be addressed by both in coordination. Test results can be used by VDT system developers to pursue robust and stable VDT system designs and by ATM network service providers to plan for VDT system QoS needs. Mike Frey is the ITL contact.

Efficient New Search Engine

Locating relevant information on the World Wide Web is often difficult because of the large amount of information available. The Reference Information for Software Quality (RISQ) system, a Web-based tool for referencing information on software quality, offers a new search engine which allows the user to do efficient searches for information within a specific domain. The initial application of the engine is in the domain of high integrity software systems. RISQ was developed by ITL and Software Engineering Institute technical staff.

The search engine allows searches by taxonomy-based keywords, other keywords, and artifact type. Artifacts can range from simple abstracts, documents, and software to video, audio, and online interactive demonstrations of software tools. The RISQ facility makes available a wide variety of artifacts related to software quality in a highly organized manner. The current RISQ facility is located on the Web at, making the material available to a large and geographically diverse set of potential users. Dolores Wallace coordinated the project.

Interoperability of Broadband Communication Technologies

In June 1997, ITL's Advanced Network Technologies Division hosted the meeting of the Multimedia Communications Forum (MMCF) Broadband Access Applications (BAA) Working Group. The BAA is a new working group established to identify multimedia application requirements for accessing various broadband communication technologies, including asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL), digital wireless, and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM). The group is focusing on a common application approach to quality of service (QoS) and interoperability across a range of broadband technology offerings. NIST will be the focal point for interoperability tests for the group; Leslie Collica is the ITL contact.

Interoperable Message Passing Interface Standard

In September 1997, ITL hosted the third Interoperable Message Passing Interface (IMPI) Workshop to continue work defining the IMPI standard. All major U.S. computer vendors participate in this effort. Representatives of these vendors as well as representatives from the embedded computing community were present to continue this work. The group agreed that implementation of IMPI by the vendors would go on in parallel with the standard definition in order to get the most information on the choices made. The release of the first standard, IMPI-1, is expected by December 1998. As a representative of the U.S. government, NIST does not vote at these meetings but takes the role of facilitator. Judith Devaney is the ITL contact.

Leveraging Cyberspace

Along with the White House National Economic Council and Xerox PARC, NIST co-sponsored the Conference on Leveraging Cyberspace held in Palo Alto, California, on October 8-9, 1996. People with shared interests use the Internet to solve problems, accomplish tasks, and create resources that would be well beyond the reach of any one person or organization. The conference explored the ability to leverage the efforts of large numbers of networked users as well as the economic, social, and political consequences. Technical experts discussed technologies that support wide-area collaboration, case studies of successful and unsuccessful efforts to leverage cyberspace, implications for business strategies, and proposals for promising collaborations. Judi Moline is the ITL contact.

NIST Car Welder VRML 2.0 Model

Qiming Wang, Information Access and User Interfaces Division, implemented one of the first working Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) 2.0 models demonstrating the functionality of animation in VRML 2.0. This Car Welder model is being used to explore the potential of applying VRML 2.0 to simulation interfaces in the manufacturing domain. VRML is a file format to describe interactive 3-D objects and worlds delivered across the Internet. VRML 1.0 provides a means of creating and viewing static 3D world. VRML 2.0 provides more extensions and enhancements to VRML 1.0, such as interaction, animation, scripting, and prototyping. SGI Cosmo Player is a VRML 2.0 browser which is a Netscape plugin for the SGI and PC Windows 95 platforms.

The Car Welder is listed in the SGI "VRML 2.0 Worlds - Cosmonaut Academy" WWW page at The geometry of this model was translated from Deneb Robotics Software using the translator developed at NIST by Qiming Wang. To try out this model, go to: A VRML 2.0 browser is required. Sharon Laskowski is the ITL contact.

Optical Fingerprint Recognition in Financial and Internet Security Applications

ITL researchers combined optical correlation methods and digital neural networks to provide more accurate real-time fingerprint matching for financial, credit, and Internet security applications. The Information Storage and Interconnect System Project, sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), explored how optical methods of image storage and 3-D holography can support various correlation methods recognizing unique patterns such as fingerprints. Such methods would be more accurate and user-friendly than current optical correlation or retinal scanning.

Fingerprints are differentiated by a process known as minutia matching, in which the coordinates of the ridge ending of the fingertips are used for differentiation. However, this method tends to result in a number of false positives. In optical pattern recognition, the fingerprint image is loaded onto a liquid crystal spatial light modulator and is Fourier transformed into a 3-D hologram by a system lens developed by ITL scientist Eung-Gi Paek. Then, the correlation of the input is analyzed via the output plane. The optical system can more accurately enter the input pattern into the neural network system, which in turn can "recognize" and differentiate a pattern when it is introduced to the system again. When used in addition to minutia matching, the technology adds another dimension to the identification specifications, allowing a more detailed search of the neural network.

Possible commercial applications include the use of fingerprint images for credit card verification, automatic teller machine access, and Internet access in place of or along with passwords. ITL researchers are seeking industry collaborators to move into the project's next phase of refining the neural network and testing the prototype system in industry. ITL is working with the Financial Services Technology Consortium, an organization of banks, financial service providers, technology companies, national laboratories, universities, and government agencies to advance the commercialization of the technology. Charles Wilson and Victor McCrary represent ITL in this effort.

Standard for Exchange of Forensic Information

ITL's successful collaborations with industry and with the law enforcement community resulted in the development of a specification, which supplements a previous standard, for the exchange of forensic information. Consensus on the specification was achieved through a canvass that ITL conducted under its accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as a sponsor of standards for information interchange. ITL also sponsored workshops where participants reached agreements on technical details. The ANSI Board of Standards Review approved the Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial and SMT Information (ANSI/NIST-ITL 1a-1997) as an American National Standard. This work is also a component of the framework that ITL has been discussing with the Office of Law Enforcement Standards to support digital representation and exchange of cartridge and bullet imagery data gathered at a crime scene. Mike McCabe is the ITL contact.

Standard for Interactive Cable TV

IBM, Lucent, Scientific Atlanta, and Zenith Electronics worked with ITL to develop standard specifications for cable TV over Hybrid Fiber Coaxial networks. Working jointly with these companies and other members of the IEEE 802.14 standards group, ITL conducted an unbiased performance evaluation of the media access control (MAC) protocols that had been submitted to the standards group. Researchers implemented the candidate MAC protocols using a commercial network simulation package. The results from this work were reported to the IEEE 802.14 group and the software simulation modules were released to the public. These modules are currently being used by companies such as 3Com, Bellcore, Com21, Digital Equipment, General Instruments, LANcity, Lucent, and Scientific Atlanta as they develop their own standards-conformant MAC protocols. David Su is the ITL contact.

Web Site Helps Designers of Children's Products

In a 1997 workshop "Systems Anthropometry" co-sponsored by NIST and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), speakers and over 100 attendees discussed the use and applications of human dimensional measurements, the field of anthropometry. With the support of the CPSC, ITL established a Web site called "AnthroKids" which makes available the only anthropometric survey data of children conducted in the U.S. This data is valuable to designers of any type of product with which children come into contact, i.e., cars, playgrounds, cribs, etc. The NIST Web site,, provides the data in several data formats. In addition, ITL is working with several companies that make human modeling software to incorporate the data as part of their products. Sandy Ressler represents ITL in this work.

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Through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), we establish partnerships with industry, academia, and government to pursue mutual areas of research. Our technical staff worked with the following 37 organizations in 1997:

Research Partner Project
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Mechanisms for Adaptable and
Efficient Information Retrieval
Clients and Servers
SETA Corporation Role Based Access Control
(RBAC) Software Development
Calimetrics, Inc. Investigation of Test Methods,
Standards, and High Performance
Distributed Computing Applications
for CD and DVD-Based
Optical Data Storage Subsystems
SoHaR Incorporated Standard Reference Material
for Software Error,
Fault, Failure Data --
Collection and Repository

The North American ISDN Users' Forum (NIUF) is an industry/government forum established in 1988 to create a strong user voice in the implementation of ISDN applications. In 1997, CRADA partners were:

AHK & Associates
Alliance Data Systems
Ameritech Services
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Bell Atlantic Network Services, Inc.
Bell Communications Research
Defense Communication Agency
EICON Technology Corporation
Ericsson Inc.
GTE Southwest Incorporated
Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
Intecom, Inc.
International Business Machines Corporation
Lucent Technologies
Metropolitan Fiber Systems
Network General Corporation
North Carolina State University
Northern Telecom, Inc.
RLR Resources
Siemens Telecom Networks
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
Synergy Group, The TASC (The Analytic Sciences Corporation)
Telamon, Inc.
Telrepco Services, Inc.
The Boeing Company
Transaction Network Services, Inc.
U.S. Air Force (Technology Integration Center)
U.S. West
West Virginia University

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Guest Scientists and Research Associates (71)
Organizations represented include:
Arizona State University
Armament Development Authority
Chungnam National University
Department of Defense, National Security Agency
Ecole Normal Superieure
Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Telecommunications
Ecole Superieure D'Informatique et Applications De Lorraine
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
Environmental Protection Agency
Flinders University
George Mason University, Operations Research and Engineering
George Washington University
GMD Fokus
Hyundai Electronics America
Institute for Computer Aided Design, Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute for Defense Analysis
Institut National Des Telecommunications, France
Korea Telecom Research Laboratories
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Ministry of Information and Communications, Taiwan
National Science Foundation
National Institute of Applied Sciences
Naval Research Laboratory
Purdue University
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
University of Huddlesfield
University of Maryland
University of Nancy, France
University of South Florida
University of Twente, The Netherlands
Faculty Appointments (21)
Colleges and universities represented include:
Arizona State University
Clemson University
Colorado State University Columbia University
George Mason University
George Washington University
Loyola College
Old Dominion University
University of Delaware University of Maryland
University of North Carolina

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Assistance to Singapore Government

ITL continued its long-standing collaboration with government and private organizations in Singapore by providing technical advice and assistance in computer security to standards working groups, government departments, the Productivity and Standards Board which provides testing and metrology services to the Singapore government, and the banking industry. Stuart Katzke is the ITL contact.

ATM Network Technology in Korea

Through a Memorandum of Understanding, ITL, the Korean Telcom Research Group (KTRG), and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) are jointly developing abstract conformance test and interoperability test suites for the ATM network protocols and Video-on-Demand (VoD) service. KTRG and ETRI assigned guest scientists to work at NIST with ITL researchers in developing test suites and VoD reference implementations.

Collaboration with Japan's Electrotechnical Laboratory

Staff from the Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division are collaborating with researchers of Japan's Electrotechnical Laboratory (ETL) on network infrastructure for high performance computing. As part of this work, ETL is providing a Japanese mirror of the NIST Matrix Market, a visual database of large sparse matrices from industrial applications, while NIST is incorporating interactive matrix generation software from ETL into the Matrix Market.

Collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences

As part of a cooperative agreement between NIST and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Daniel Lozier, Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, has been participating in a scientific exchange with Dr. Yuri Rappoport of the RAS Institute for Computer Aided Design. They are working on algorithms for the MacDonald, or modified Bessel, functions. These arise as the kernel of the Kantorovich-Lebedev integral transform, for which little software exists in Western computer libraries. Lozier visited the Russian Academy for two weeks in the fall of 1996, while Rappoport visited NIST for three months during the summer of 1997. The National Research Council (NRC) is considering a proposal to send an NRC postdoctoral researcher to Moscow to work with Rappoport on the project.

Common Criteria (CC)

To improve the metrics and methods required to specify, build, and evaluate advanced information technology (IT) security products and systems, ITL is collaborating with Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands to develop a common criteria specification that is flexible, extensible, responsive to market forces, and accepted by the major western economic powers. The CC is a comprehensive framework and technical criteria for defining and evaluating the security of IT products and systems. Specific activities include a North America-Europe effort to develop a harmonized CC and the conduct of trial evaluations to validate the CC. Another project, funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, compares evaluations of the Trusted Mach Operating System against the European Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria. The evaluations are being conducted by United Kingdom and German commercially licensed evaluation laboratories.

Cryptographic Module Validation

ITL and the Communications Security Establishment of the Government of Canada collaborated on the development of the Cryptographic Module Validation Program, which has been operational since July 1995. To date four software cryptographic modules and four hardware cryptomodules have been validated. Products validated by this program as conforming to FIPS 140-1, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules, are accepted for use in both the U.S. and Canada for the protection of sensitive, unclassified information.

G-7 Global Information Society Inventory Pilot Project

Under the coordination of the European Community and Japan, the Global Inventory Project (GIP), one of eleven pilot projects designed to stimulate global applications of information technologies, aims to produce a multimedia inventory of national and international projects, studies, and calls relevant to the promotion and further development of knowledge and understanding of the information society. As the U.S. point of reference, ITL established an entry point for a sampling of current and proposed U.S. information infrastructure projects under ten application areas defined by the G7 nations. Electronic project submission and access to the resources are available via the U.S. National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library Home Page at (

G-7 Pilot Project on Global Electronic Commerce

Along with Japan and the European Community (EC), the National Institute of Standards and Technology was designated the lead agency in the G7 Information Society Pilot Project "Global Marketplace for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)." The SME project seeks to identify the information needs of SMEs, promote SME use of the information infrastructure, and encourage the development and demonstration of electronic commerce. ITL maintains the Web site for the G7 Electronic Commerce Testbed Pilot Projects found at ( Judith Moline is the U.S. contact for the G7 GIP and SME projects.

International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)

ITL is active in the IFIP Working Group on Numerical Software (WG 2.5), which is part of the IFIP Technical Committee on Programming Languages (TC 2). Ronald Boisvert, Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, who was elected to membership in WG 2.5 last year, edited the proceedings of the IFIP WG 2.5 Conference on the Quality of Numerical Software held in July 1996 in Oxford, England. The proceedings, published this year by Chapman & Hall, contains papers by R. Boisvert, K. Remington and R. Pozo on the NIST Matrix Market, and by D. Lozier on the NIST Software Testing Service for Special Functions.

International Public Sector Information Technology (IPSIT) Group

IPSIT is an informal association of representatives of public sector organizations that identify, discuss, share experiences, and raise awareness on issues in information management and technology in an informal and candid way with a view to encouraging action and resolution. IPSIT discusses topics of mutual interest from the perspective of national solutions. Areas of interest include common information and communications architectures, interconnectivity, information exchange, use of standards, and publicly available specifications. Participation includes representatives from Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the U.S. ITL participates as a representative of the U.S. Government.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

Based in Brussels, Belgium, the OECD is associated with the European Community (EC). ITL participated in the U.S. delegation to the OECD Cryptography Experts Group resulting in OECD's Cryptography Principles. Edward Roback represented ITL in this effort.

System for Inter-American Metrology (SIM)

In cooperation with the NIST Office of International Relations, the Statistical Engineering Division worked to acquaint SIM partners with statistical methods for calibration of artifacts and certification of reference materials (RM). Mark Levenson and Lisa Gill spent several days at Queretaro, Mexico, consulting with CENAM staff on problems associated with the certification of RMs; namely, selection of materials, design of experiments to optimize information gained from analysis, and uncertainty analysis. James Filliben and Lynne Hare participated in the Advanced School for Metrology: Evaluation of Uncertainty in Measurement which was held in Brazil. Carroll Croarkin spent three days in Panama City presenting a Workshop on Advanced Mass Measurements to metrologists from the national laboratories in the CAMET region with the goal of achieving comparability of mass calibrations within SIM via standardization of weighing procedures and statistical analyses.

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Patents issued to ITL researchers are:

Cryptographic Key Notarization Methods and Apparatus
Miles Smid and Dennis Branstad
Issued May 31, 1983

Object/Anti-Object Neural Network Segmentation
Charles Wilson, Michael Garris, and R. Wilkinson
Issued September 14, 1993

Method and Apparatus for Analyzing Character Strings
Jon Geist
Issued July 12, 1994

Automated Recognition of Characters Using Optical Filtering With Positive and Negative Functions Encoding Pattern and Relevance Information
Charles Wilson
Issued November 1, 1994

Automated Recognition of Characters Using Optical Filtering With Maximum Uncertainty Minimum Variance (MUMV) Functions
Charles Wilson and James Blue
Issued December 6, 1994

Apparatus For Identifying Unknown Words By Comparison to Known Words
Jon Geist
Issued February 21, 1995

Procedure for Digital Image Restoration
Alfred S. Carasso
Issued May 9, 1995

Aerosol Mass Spectrometer
Kensei Ehara
Issued June 27, 1995

Procedure for Digital Image Restoration
(continuation in part)
Alfred S. Carasso
Issued May 6, 1997

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October 1996 - December 1997

NIST Publications are available from the Government Printing Office (GPO) at (202) 512-1800 or the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) at (703) 605-6000. SN numbers are stocked by GPO; PB numbers are stocked by NTIS. Our NIST Publications List 88, Information Technology Publications and Products, is available online at

NIST Special

260-131 The Certification of 100 mm Diameter Silicon Resistivity SRMs 2541 through 2547 using Dual-Configuration Four-Point Measurements
By J. R. Ehrstein and M. Carroll Croarkin
August 1997 - SN003-003-03495-9 - $8.00
500-236 Overview of the Fourth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-4)
Donna K. Harman, Editor
October 1996 - SN003-003-03430-4 - $59.00
500-237 Symposium Transcription - Usability Engineering: Industry- Government Collaboration for System Effectiveness and Efficiency
Laura L. Downey and Sharon J. Laskowski, Editors
July 1997 - SN003-003-03484-3 - $21.00
500-238 Overview of the Fifth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-5)
Ellen M. Voorhees and Donna K. Harman, Editors
November 1997 - SN003-003-03505-0
800-15 Minimum Interoperability Specification for PKI Components (MISPC), Version 1
By William E. Burr, Donna F. Dodson, Noel A. Nazario, and William T. Polk
January 1998
881-10 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003040 Transaction Set 810, Invoice -- [Commercial Invoice] Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03450-9 - $4.75
881-11 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003040 Transaction Set 820, Payment Order/Remittance Advice Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03451-7 - $4.00
881-12 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003040 Transaction Set 855, Purchase Order Acknowledgment Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03452-5 - $3.00
881-13 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003040 Transaction Set 997, Functional Acknowledgment Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03453-3 - $1.75
881-14 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 864, Text Message Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03454-1 - $2.25
881-15 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 824, Application Advice Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03455-0 - $2.25
881-16 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 832, Price/Sales Catalog Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03456-8 - $6.00
881-17 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 997, Functional Acknowledgment Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03457-6 - $1.75
881-18 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003040 Transaction Set 840, Request for Quotation Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03458-4 - $9.00
881-19 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003040 Transaction Set 864, Text Message Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
April 1997 - SN003-003-03459-2 - $1.75
881-20 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003060 Transaction Set 194, Grant or Assistance Application Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03463-1 - $7.00
881-21 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003060 Transaction Set 841, Specifications/Technical Information (Request for Technical Information) Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03464-9 - $2.75
881-22 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003060 Transaction Set 841, Specifications/Technical Information (Provide Technical Information) Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03465-7 - $3.00
881-23 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 870, Order Status Report Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03480-1 - $2.50
881-24 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 869, Order Status Inquiry Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03466-5 - $2.00
881-25 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 805, Contract Pricing Proposal Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
March 1997 - SN003-003-03467-3 - $5.00
881-26 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 251, Pricing Support Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
August 1997 - SN003-003-03474-6
881-27 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003040 Transaction Set 822, Customer Account Analysis Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
August 1997 - SN003-003-03489-4
881-28 Federal Implementation Guideline for Electronic Data Interchange, ASC X12 003050 Transaction Set 836, Procurement Notices (Revision 1) Implementation Convention
Jean-Philippe Favreau, Editor
December 1997

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To order FIPS, contact NTIS at (703) 605-6000.

FIPS 192-1, Application Profile for the Government Information Locator Service (GILS), approved August 1, 1997

FIPS 196, Entity Authentication Using Public Key Cryptography, approved February 19, 1997

In July 1997, 33 FIPS were withdrawn because they were obsolete or had not been updated to adopt current voluntary industry standards.


To receive bulletins via email, send an email message to with the message subscribe itl-bulletin and your proper name, e.g., John Doe. To request bulletins or to be placed on our bulletin mailing list, call (301) 975-2832. Bulletins are also available at

John Wack and S. Kurzban, Computer Virus Attacks, August 1990.

Edward Roback, Computer Security Roles of NIST and NSA, February 1991.

Jim Dray, Advanced Authentication Technology, November 1991.

John Wack, Establishing a Computer Security Incident Response Capability, February 1992.

Dennis Branstad, An Introduction to Secure Telephone Terminals, March 1992.

Edward Roback, Disposition of Sensitive Automated Information, October 1992.

Edward Roback, Sensitivity of Information, November 1992.

Shirley Radack, Guidance on the Legality of Keystroke Monitoring, March 1993.

Edward Roback and Barbara Guttman, Security Issues in Public Access Systems, May 1993.

John Wack, Connecting to the Internet: Security Considerations, July 1993.

Barbara Guttman and Edward Roback, Security Program Management, August 1993.

Edward Roback and Barbara Guttman, People: An Important Asset in Computer Security, October 1993.

Edward Roback and Barbara Guttman, Computer Security Policy: Setting the Stage for Success, January 1994.

Barbara Guttman, Edward Roback, and Elizabeth Lennon, Threats to Computer Systems: An Overview, March 1994.

John F. Barkley, Reducing the Risks of Internet Connection and Use, May 1994.

Donna Dodson, Edward Roback, and Elizabeth Lennon, Digital Signature Standard, November 1994.

Shirley Radack (editor), The Data Encryption Standard: An Update, February 1995.

Frederick Boland, Acquiring and Using Asynchronous Transfer Mode in the Workplace, March 1995.

Lisa Carnahan, FIPS 140-1: A Framework for Cryptographic Standards, August 1995.

Barbara Guttman and Elizabeth Lennon, Preparing for Contingencies and Disasters, September 1995.

David Ferraiolo, John Barkley, and Shirley Radack, An Introduction to Role-Based Access Control, December 1995.

Robert Bagwill, Human/Computer Interface Security Issues, February 1996.

Gary Fisher and Elizabeth Lennon (editor), Millennium Rollover: The Year 2000 Problem, March 1996.

Eugene Troy, Guidance on the Selection of Low Level Assurance Evaluated Products, April 1996.

Robert Bagwill, The World Wide Web: Managing Security Risks, May 1996.

Barbara Guttman, Information Security Policies for Changing Information Technology Environments, June 1996.

James Foti, Implementation Issues for Cryptography, August 1996.

Barbara Guttman, Generally Accepted System Security Principles (GSSPs): Guidance on Securing Information Technology (IT) Systems, October 1996.

Marianne Swanson, Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FEDCIRC), November 1996.

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Barbara Guttman and Edward Roback, Security Considerations in Computer Support and Operations, April 1997.

Donna Dodson and Noel Nazario, Public Key Infrastructure Technology, July 1997.

Shirley Radack, Cryptography Standards and Supporting Infrastructures: A Status Report, September 1997.

Barbara Guttman, Robert H. Bagwill, and Elizabeth B. Lennon (editor), Internet Electronic Mail, November 1997.

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Pub. - Number


NISTIR 5725 User's Guide for RDA/SQL Validation Tests (Version 1.0)
By Joan Sullivan and Kevin G. Brady
December 1996 - PB97-129571 - $19.50
NISTIR 5916 A Proposed Software Test Service for Special Functions
By Daniel W. Lozier
October 1996 - PB97-159453 - $19.50
NISTIR 5932 Design, Integration, and Evaluation of Form-Based Handprint and OCR Systems
By Charles L. Wilson, Jon Geist, Michael D. Garris, and Rama Chellappa
December 1996 - PB97-129563 - $25.00
NISTIR 5935 The Matrix Market Exchange Formats: Initial Design
By Ronald F. Boisvert, Roldan Pozo, and Karin A. Remington
December 1996 - PB97-132112 - $19.50
NISTIR 5938 Information Technology Laboratory Technical Accomplishments 1996
By Elizabeth B. Lennon and Shirley M. Radack
January 1997 - PB97-138275 - $28.00
NISTIR 5942 Distributive Lattices and Hypergraph Coloring
By James F. Lawrence
February 1997 - PB97-153431 - $10.00
NISTIR 5948 MGGHAT User's Guide Version 1.1
By William F. Mitchell
January 1997 - PB97-153746 - $19.50
NISTIR 5954 RISQ: A Web-Based Tool for Referencing Information on Software Quality
By Charles B. Weinstock and Dolores R. Wallace
January 1997 - PB97-140578 - $19.50
NISTIR 5955 Combined Optical and Neural Network Fingerprint Matching
By Charles L. Wilson, Craig I. Watson, and Eung Gi Paek
January 1997 - PB97-140545 - $19.50
NISTIR 5959 NIST Form-Based Handprint Recognition System (Release 2.0)
By Michael D. Garris, James L. Blue, Gerald T. Candela, Patrick J. Grother, Stanley A. Janet, and Charles L. Wilson
January 1997 - PB97-138242 - $21.50
NISTIR 5971 STOPWATCH User's Guide Version 1.0
By William F. Mitchell
March 1997 - PB97-151567 - $21.50
NISTIR 5985 A Fortran 90 Interface for OpenGL
By William F. Mitchell
March 1997 - PB97-151575 - $19.50
NISTIR 5993 Operating Principles of the PCI Bus MultiKron Interface Board
By Alan Mink and Wayne Salamon
March 1997 - PB97-157986 - $19.50
NISTIR 5998 User's Guide for the SQL Test Suite, Version 6.0
By David Flater, Leonard Gallagher, Shirley Hurwitz, and Joan Sullivan
December 1996 - PB97-158158 - $28.00
NISTIR 6009 Healthcare Standards Needs for Using the NII: An Application of the IISP Framework Method
By Susan B. Katz
April 1997 - PB97-184048 - $19.50
NISTIR 6011 Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial & SMT Information
By R. Michael McCabe
April 1997 - PB97-167464 - $21.50
NISTIR 6016 Non-Mechanical Image Rotation Using an AODP [Acousto-Optic Dove Prism]
By Eung G. Paek, Joon Y. Choe, Tae K. Oh, John H. Hong, and Tallis Y. Chang
September 1997 - PB98-103880 - $10.00
NISTIR 6017 Optical Pattern Recognition Using Microlasers
By Eung G. Paek
January 1998
NISTIR 6018 Diffuse-Interface Methods in Fluid Mechanics
By Daniel M. Anderson, Geoffrey B. McFadden, and A.A. Wheeler
May 1997 - PB97-184097 - $21.50
NISTIR 6022 S-Check, by Example
By Robert D. Snelick
June 1997 - PB97-184105 - $19.50
NISTIR 6025 Metrology for Information Technology [IT]
By Michael D. Hogan, Gary P. Carver, Lisa J. Carnahan, Martha M. Gray, Theodore Hopp, Jeffrey Horlick, Gordon E. Lyon, and Elena Messina
May 1997 - PB97-196927 - $21.50
NISTIR 6031 Parallelizing a Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Method
By Hai C. Tang
June 1997 - PB97-196885 - $19.50
NISTIR 6038 2-D True Time Delay Generation Using Fiber Chirp Gratings and Acousto-Optic Beam Deflectors
By Eung G. Paek, Joon Y. Choe, and Tae K. Oh
January 1998
NISTIR 6051 Narrow-Bandwidth Grating-Assisted Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter
By Eung G. Paek, Joon Y. Choe, and Tae K. Oh
January 1998
NISTIR 6060 Optical Metrology for Industrialization of Optical Information Processing
By David Casasent and Charles L. Wilson
September 1997 - PB97-210801 - $19.50
NISTIR 6068 Report on the TMACH Experiment
By Ellen Flahavin, Goswin Eisen, Steve Hill, Heribert Spindler, Julian Straw, and Andy Webber
July 1997 - PB98-104169 - $21.50
NISTIR 6072 Towards a Revised NBS Handbook of Mathematical Functions
By Daniel W. Lozier
September 1997
NISTIR 6073 The Application of Numerical Grid Generation to Problems in Computational Fluid Dynamics
By Bonita V. Saunders
September 1997 - PB97-210744 - $19.50
NISTIR 6074 Limits of SUMT Trajectories in Convex Programming
By G.P. McCormick and Christoph Witzgall
September 1997
NISTIR 6076 Translating IGRIP Workcells into VRML2
By Qiming Wang and Sandy Ressler
September 1997
NISTIR 6080 High Resolution Grating-Assisted Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter
By Eung G. Paek, Joon Y. Choe, and Tae K. Oh
January 1998
NISTIR 6090 Creating and Validating a Large Image Database for METTREC
By Michael D. Garris and William W. Klein
December 1997
NISTIR 6101 Impact of Image Quality on Machine Print Optical Character Recognition
By Michael D. Garris, Stanley Janet, and William W. Klein
December 1997
NISTIR 6108 High-Speed Temporal Characterization and Visualization of Spatial Light Modulators and Flat Panel Displays
By Eung G. Paek, Charles L. Wilson, John W. Roberts, and Craig I. Watson
January 1998

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October 1996 - December 1997

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In 1997, our organization sponsored, co-sponsored, and conducted many conferences, workshops, lectures, and training seminars, including the following:

Annual conferences and ongoing workshops
20th National Information Systems Security Conference
COMPASS '97, 12th Annual Conference on Computer Assurance
edCIRC Annual Conference
Fifth Text REtrieval Conference (TREC-5)
North American ISDN Users' Forum (NIUF)
Tenth Annual Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association (FISSEA) Conference
Usability Engineering 2: Measurement and Methods (UE2)
Workshop on Improving Product and Process Quality Using Experiment Design
Specialized conferences and workshops
Advanced Mass Measurements Workshop
Conference on Leveraging Cyberspace
Display Forum '97 Workshop
International Symposium on the Year 2000: Mastering the Millennium Rollover
Interoperable Message Passing Interface (IMPI) Workshop
Invitational Workshop on Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Public Forum on Certificate Authorities and Digital Signatures: Enhancing Global Electronic Commerce
Prototype Conferencing Products Interoperability Events
Software Standards and Conformance Testing: An Update
Statistical Methods for Certification of Reference Materials
Systems Anthropometry Workshop
Uncertainty Calculations in Chemical Measurements
Workshop on Developing the Advanced Encryption Standard
Workshop on Protection Profile for Network Firewall Devices
Workshop on Role Based Access Control
Seminars and Lectures
Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FedCIRC)Seminar for Federal Agencies FedCIRC Seminar SeriesSeminar Series
High Integrity Systems Lecture Series
High Performance Systems and Services Division Lecture Series
Joint Seminar of the Computer Security and Statistical Engineering Divisions: Patterns in Words
Joint Seminar of the Statistical Engineering Division and the Software Diagnostic and Conformance Testing Division: Improved Engineering of the Software Manufacturing Process
Incident Handling Workshop
Lecture on Manufacturing Infrastructure for Optoelectronics
Lecture on Virtual Humans for Animation, Ergonomics, and Simulation
Lecture Series on Matrix Algorithms
Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division (MCSD) Colloquia
Session on Scientific Software, IMACS 97
Seminar Series on the Future of Information Technology
Statistical Engineering Division Seminars
Strategic and Technical Directions from the Visionary Leaders of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Supporting Interactive Information Retrieval through Relevance Feedback: A Study of End-Users
Training courses and tutorials
Analysis of Variance
Basics of Synchronize Training
Computer Security, Management Update
Design of Experiments
Distributed Computing & Information Services, Management Update
Eudora Training
Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistics for Scientists and Engineers
Intermediate Synchronize Training
Introduction to AVS5, AVS/EXPRESS, and IBM Data Explorer
Introduction to PV-WAVE
Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation Using LabVIEW
LabVIEW Users' Group
MS Word for Windows Equation Editor
Overview of Microsoft Word
Practical Intrusion Detection Workshop
Regression Models
Spectral Methods for Data Analysis
Statistical Automation for Parallel Code and Improvement
Time Series Analysis



For information on ITL electronic products, services, and resources, access the WWW at:

Advanced Network Technologies - includes Cerberus, a leading edge prototype and reference implementation of emerging network layer Internet security; the Integrated Services Protocol Instrument (ISPI), an interactive, integrated tool for measuring the performance of quality of service (QoS) sensitive data streams while conducting experiments with emerging Internet resource reservation protocols and real-time network services; IPsec WIT, an interoperability test system built around the Cerberus IPsec prototype and commonly available WWW technology; and NIST Net, a general-purpose tool for emulating performance dynamics in IP networks.

ATM/HFC Simulator - a means for researchers and network planners to analyze the behavior of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) networks without the expense of building a real network:

Computer Security Resource Clearinghouse - information on computer security awareness and training, publications, conferences, software tools, security alerts, and prevention measures, as well as the Cryptographic Module Validation Program:

Directory of Conformance Testing Programs, Products, and Services - sources for measuring software for conformance to IT standards:

Guide to Available Mathematical Software (GAMS) - a cross-index and virtual repository of mathematical and statistical software components of use in computational science and engineering:

High Integrity Systems and Software Assurance - methods and tools for assuring dependability in software:

Matrix Market - a visual repository of test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra, featuring nearly 500 sparse matrices for a variety of applications, as well as matrix generation tools and services:

MultiKron - a series of very large scale integration (VLSI) instrumentation chips and interface boards which measure the performance of parallel processors and workstations on high-speed networks:

North American Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Users' Forum (NIUF) - approved documentation, working group charters, ISDN applications, meeting highlights, and future meeting announcements:

Open Virtual Reality Testbed - software and information for virtual reality and the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML):

Role Based Access Control - an implementation of the NIST RBAC model for the WWW running on Unix Web servers:

A tool for viewing and establishing access control lists for Windows NT:

S-Check - NIST's novel tool for assaying and improving performances of parallel and networked programs:

Statistical Reference Datasets (StRD) - a Web-based service that provides reference datasets with certified computational results for several statistical areas:



NIST Special Databases

To order NIST Special Databases or NIST Special Software, write or call NIST Standard Reference Data Program, Building 820, Room 113, Gaithersburg, MD 20899, telephone (301) 975-2208; fax (301) 926-0416; email

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For more information, contact:

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