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Listed are information technology publications and reports. These publications are issued as Special Publications (Spec. Pub.). Special Publications series include the 500 series (Information Technology), the 800 series (Computer Security), and the 881 series (Federal Electronic Data Interchange [EDI] Conventions).

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800-25 Federal Agency Use of Public Key Technology for Digital Signatures and Authentication, by Kathy Lyons-Burke (editor) and the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Steering Committee; October 2000 SN003-003-03666-8 -                                        
800-22 A Statistical Test Suite for Random and Pseudorandom Number Generators, by A. Rukhin, J. Soto, J. Nechvatal, M. Smid, E. Barker, S. Leigh, M. Levenson, M. Vangel, D. Banks, A. Heckert, J. Dray, and S. Vo; October 2000 SN003-003-03659-5 -                                        
800-21 Guideline for Implementing Cryptography in the Federal Government, by Annabelle Lee; November 1999 SN003-003-03622-6 -                                        
800-20 Modes of Operation Validation System for the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (TMOVS): Requirements and Procedures, by Sharon S. Keller; November 1999. This document is available in electronic format at the Web site - -                                        
800-19 Mobile Agent Security, by Wayne Jansen and Tom Karygiannis; October 1999 SN003-003-03621-8 -                                        
800-18 Guide for Developing Security Plans for Information Technology Systems, by Marianne Swanson and Federal Computer Security Program Managers' Forum Working Group; December 1998 SN-003-003-03590-4 PB99-105116                                        
800-17 Modes of Operation Validation System (MOVS): Requirements and Procedures, By Sharon Keller and Miles Smid; February 1998 SN003-003-03567-0 -                                        
800-16 Information Technology Security Training Requirements: A Role- and Performance-Based Model (supersedes SP 500-172), Mark Wilson, Editor; Dorothea E. de Zafra, Sadie I. Pitcher, John D. Tressler, and John B. Ippolito; April 1998 SN003-003-03552-1 -                                        
800-15 Minimum Interoperability Specification for PKI Components (MISPC), Version 1, By William E. Burr, Donna F. Dodson, Noel A. Nazario, and William T. Polk; January 1998 SN003-003-03494-1 -                                        
800-14 Generally Accepted Principles and Practices for Securing Information Technology Systems, By Marianne Swanson and Barbara Guttman; September 1996 SN003-003-03423-1 -                                        
800-13 Telecommunications Security Guidelines for Telecommunications Management Network, By J. Kimmins, C.R. Dinkel, and D.L. Walters; October 1995 SN003-003-03376-6 -                                        
800-12 Introduction to Computer Security: The NIST Handbook, By Barbara Guttman and Edward Roback; October 1995 SN003-003-03374-0 -                                        
800-11 The Impact of the FCC's Open Network Architecture on NS/NP Telecommunications Security, By Karen Olsen and John Tebbutt; February 1995 - PB95-189445                                        
800-10 Keeping Your Site Comfortably Secure: An Introduction to Internet Firewalls, John Wack and Lisa J. Carnahan; December 1994 - PB95-182275                                        
800-9 Good Security Practices for Electronic Commerce Including Electronic Data Interchange, Roy G. Saltman, Editor; December 1993 SN003-003-03243-3 -                                        
800-8 Security Issues in the Database Language SQL, By W. Timothy Polk & Lawrence E. Bassham; August 1993 - PB94-104585                                        
800-7 Security in Open Systems, By R. Bagwill, J. Barkley, L. Carnahan, S. Chang, R. Kuhn, P. Markovitz, A. Nakassis, K. Olsen, M. Ransom, and J. Wack; John Barkley, Editor; July 1994 - PB95-105383                                        
800-6 Automated Tools for Testing Computer System Vulnerability, W. Timothy Polk; December 1992 SN003-003-03187-9 -                                        
800-5 A Guide to the Selection of Anti-Virus Tools and Techniques, W. Timothy Polk & Lawrence E. Bassham, III; December 1992 - PB93-152049                                        
800-4 Computer Security Considerations in Federal Procurements: A Guide for Procurement Initators, Contracting Officers, and Computer Security Officials, By Barbara Guttman; March 1992 SN00-003-03147-0 -                                        
800-3 Establishing a Computer Security Incident Response Capability (CSIRC), John Wack; November 1991 PB92-123140 -                                        
800-2 Public-Key Cryptography, By James Nechvatal; April 1991 - PB91-187864                                        

Computer Security in the 1980s: Selected BibliographyR, Rein Turn, Compiler, and Lawrence E. Bassham, Editor; December 1990

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- PB91-148486                                        
SP 868 The Information Infrastructure: Reaching Society's Goals, Kathleen Roberts, Editor; September 1994 SN003-003-03283-2 -                                        
SP 857 Putting the Information Infrastructure to Work: Report of the Information Infrastructure Task Force Committee on Applications and Technology, Kathleen Roberts, Editor; May 1994 SN003-003-03267-1 -                                        

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