Pervasive Computing is a term that signifies several new elements of computing. One element involves pervasive computation - computers and sensors "everywhere" in devices, appliances, equipment, in homes, workplaces and factories, and in clothing. Another element involves pervasive communication - a high degree of communication among devices and sensors through a ubiquitous and secure network infrastructure with a wired core and wireless adjuncts that communicate with the core. Because computation will become so integrated into our lives and activities, natural forms of human-computer interaction, such as spoken dialogue with computers, will become more important.

The ITL Pervasive Computing Program Focuses on Three Main Areas:

Smart Space Integration

Pervasive Software Tools

Pervasive Networking Technology

The NIST Information Technology Laboratory staff has expertise in many of the necessary areas and is seeking new industrial partners to coperatively develop measurements and standards that will improve your productivity and competitiveness in the information technology industry.

Please contact us to talk about your interests in pervasive computing:

Susan Zevin

Martin Herman


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