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 Responsiveness Issues
Responsiveness Issues
  • While measuring native and green thread memory usage, we noticed that we always had fewer native thread measurements.

  • We configured vmstat to update every second, but when using native threads, it would often take much longer. 

  • Adjusting vmstat's priority helped, but didn't eliminate the problem.

How we measured responsiveness
  • We decided to try to measure the effect of the thread implementation on responsiveness.

  • We ran the VolanoMarkô performance tests. 

  • We also ran a shell script that measures the time needed to sleep one second.

  • The script ran at the default priority to simulate the effect on other services running on the same CPU.

How we measured responsiveness
  • We tested our Dell 550MHz Pentium III workstation running RedHat Linux 6.1 with 10 and 20 simulated users.

  • We also tested the Aroma adapter (Cyrix GXM - 233) running Slackware 7 Linux.

  • For the adapter, we could only have 10 simulated users, because the adapter ran out of memory with 20 users.

The Script
     if [ -z $1 ]; then
     echo Usage: sleeptime log_file
     exit 1

     if [ -a $1 ]; then
     rm $1

while time -p -o $1 --append sleep 1;
     echo -n .

     exit 0 

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