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 The Aroma Shell
NIST Aroma Shell
  • JiniTM technology requires that a number of related daemons be started.

  • Started to have problems with each researcher creating unique scripts for each platform x service.

  • The solution: use Tcl/Tk as a platform-neutral shell and run a common set of scripts to start JiniTM technology services.

Use Tcl/Tk as a platform-neutral shell and run a common set of scripts to start Jini (TM) Technology services.
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Aroma Shell Benefits
  • Can easily start/stop JiniTM technology-related daemons.

  • Offers a common interface for all members of the project.

  • Puts all user-specific configuration information in a single file.

  • Captures stderr output for daemons.

  • Runs on a wide variety of hardware with little or no modification.

Aroma Shell Configuration
  • Because Tcl is very portable, we only had to edit the configuration file to make the shell work across Solaris, Linux and Windows.
Aroma Shell Error Capture
  • Sometimes a JiniTM technology-related daemon may quietly fail without a visible error message, leaving you guessing.
  • The Aroma shell captures the standard error output and writes it to a file for later viewing.
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