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The CGM Interpreter Test Suites are a product of the NIST Information Technology Laboratory (ITL). It is used to determine, insofar as practical, the degree to which a CGM interpreter implementation conforms to the CGM standard (ISO 8632) and the ATA CGM profile, ATA Specification 2100 Graphics Exchange. The current NIST CGM Test Suite is release 3.0.  These test suites will remain at this site and available to the general public; however, the ATA is the Certificate Issuing Organization.  Please contact the ATA for testing information and services.

The test suite contains approximately 260 test files (CGMs), evaluation criteria (operator scripts), and reference pictures (GIF representation of the expected picture). The testing of a particular CGM interpreter implementation is accomplished by interpreting each CGM and using the corresponding operator script and GIF representation to determine if the rendered picture is correct. The SCLMOD01 file must be run first for purposes of calibration, the CGM files can then be run in any order.

The CGM Test Suite is available free of charge. Before downloading and using, please read the Software Acknowledgment and Redistribution statement. Any use of the Test Suite constitutes acceptance.

The CGM Test Suite is now provided in an interactive format to view all components of the test suite in multiple windows on your personal computer.  Please download the self-extracting executable file ata30java.exe, if you are interested in using this format.  Instructions for how to execute the test suite are provided in the setup.html file.

NOTEThe segment elements and aspect source flag elements (SEGMNT01-14 and ASFTST 01-10) are no longer required for validation purposes.  These elements are not permitted according to the latest version of the ATA CGM profile.

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Test Suite Description and Files
Readme.htm-Updated August 2001 Contains: Instructions for installing, WITHDRAWN TESTS, LIST of MODIFICATIONS
CGM Test Suite, release 3.0
See Readme.htm for WITHDRAWN and MODIFIED tests
Entire CGM Test Suite  (cgms, gifs, operator scripts)
 Interactive CGM Test Suite  (cgms, gifs, operartor scripts, XML/DOM language and scripts)
CGM test files
GIF representation of the CGM test files
Operator scripts for the test files.
Test Interpreters for conformance to the ATA profile, v2.4; 
CGM Version 1, 2, and 3 elements. , (5508KB, 6/2/99)

ata30java.exe (5 MB, 9/28/99) self-extracting executable, start with setup.htm, (2836KB, 6/2/99), (1921KB, 6/2/99) (751KB, 6/2/99), (2KB, 3/09/00)
CGM Test Suite, release 2.0
Entire CGM Test Suite  (cgms, gifs, operator scripts
CGM test files
GIF representation of the CGM test file
Operator scripts for the test files, Release 2.0
Test Interpreters for conformance to the ATA profile, v2.3; 
CGM Version 1 elements only. (4071KB, 5/17/99), (2467KB, 5/17/99), (864KB, 5/17/99),(740KB, 5/17/99)
CGM Test files, release 1.0b (available upon request) Previous version of the CGM Test Suite.

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