CGM Projects at NIST

Our main focus is on developing test methods and test metrics for determining conformance of CGM products to the standard and profiles of CGM. Additional information on CGM and related-CGM topics are also present.  

Computer Graphics Metafile

The CGM standard, ISO 8632 with Amendments 1 and 2, is a 2D data interchange standard which allows graphical data to be stored and exchanged among graphics devices, applications, and computer systems in a device-independent manner. It is a revisable, structured format that can represent vector graphics (e.g., polylines, ellipses, NURBS), raster graphics, and text.

In addition to the standard and its profiles, a consortium of CGM vendors and users formed the "CGM Open" consortium. CGM Open facilitates the growing CGM community by disseminating information and addressing interoperability issues.  More information regarding the organization, projects, and membership can be found on the CGM Open home page.

Conformance Testing

Conformace testing is a means of evaluating a CGM product to determine if it faithfully implements the requirements specified by the CGM standard and a particular profile. A well defined set of metrics (e.g., a test suite) along with test procedures are used to test a product's conformance. Vendors can use the metrics to debug their products and ensure adherence to the standard and profile. The results of conformance testing can reduce the risks and raise the consumer confidence in the tested products.

NIST encourages the establishment of private-sector programs to operate testing laboratories and to certify conformance. NIST develops conformance tests, distributes them freely, and when appropriate, assists industry organizations to establish a conformance testing program.


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