ATA administrator of CGM Test Service

The Airline Transport Association is the adminstrator of the ATA CGM Interpreter Test Service.  The Interpreter Test Service provides a way of determining the degree to which an implementation conforms to the Air Transport Association (ATA) graphics profile for Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM).  The goal of the test service is to maximize the probability of successful interchange of CGMs between conforming systems.

Conformance testing is a functional and fiscal advantage to the vendor and end user. The end user will be provided with increased product confidence and expanded freedom in the market place. The vendor will benefit from the test service by providing a validated product, thus stimulating sales to both government and industry.

Although there are three components of CGM: metafile, generator, interpreter, only the Interpreter test program is available. The test procedures document is an example of the test and validation process.  Commercially available syntax checking tools can be used to determine if a CGM is syntactically correct.  At a minimum, generators must product CGMs that are syntactically correct.  Until a Generator Test Suite is available, we recommend that at least a syntax check be done for CGM.

Information on CGM conformance testing products and services is available from the Directory of Conformance Testing Programs Products and Services.

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