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3 Interpreter testing

3.1 Objective

Interpreter conformance testing focuses on testing a CGM interpreter for conformance to Version 1 CGM as specified in the FIPS 128-2 and the ATA profile. A Registered Test Report will be produced at the end of the testing process. If no errors are detected by the testing process, a Certificate of Validation and Registered Test Report will be issued. The Certificate of Validation is valid for two years. If errors are detected during the validation, the Registered Test Report will list the errors and be issued as a Registered Test Report. The Registered Test Report is listed in the VPL and is valid for one year.

 Interpreters are tested in conjunction with a specific environment. The environment consists of the computer hardware, output devices (display or printer), operating system, and any application software or programs required to support the implementation under test (IUT). The certificate and Registered Test Report issued as a result of validation pertain only to the interpreter and environment actually tested.

3.2 Testing steps

The validation process for interpreter testing is a multi-step process conducted in two phases that is initiated by a client's Request for Validation.

1. Pre validation

2. Formal Validation 1. Pre validation Phase 2. Formal Validation Phase 3.3 Pricing

The cost for CGM interpreter testing is as follows:

Interpreter Pricing Table
$5,000 base price (includes all stages of testing, travel and expenses) base price $100 (for each environment 1-9)
$1,000 (for each additional environment) $1,000 (for 10 or more environments)
$1,000 (for each additional interpreter) $1,000 (for each additional interpreter)

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