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NIST Message Maker 1.5.6 Installer Executable Jar File 12.0 MB 2 April 2007
NIST Message Maker Source 1.4.1 Source Code ZIP 5.3 MB 21 December 2005
Test Files Test Files ZIP 0.4 MB 06 January 2006
User's Guide 1.4 Documention PDF 1.5 MB 06 January 2006
User's Guide 1.4 Documention DOC 0.7 MB 06 January 2006

Message Maker uses Java and XML technologies. The following software is required:

  • Java 2 SDK (Version 1.5 or later) Important!

    Note that the self-installing executable is a jar file, so the Java 2 SDK needs to be installed in order to run it. Message Maker has been tested on Windows, Linux and MAC platforms. The following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Linux Redhat 9.0
  • MAC OS 10

    Since Message Maker is Java based, it is likely that the software will run on other systems. However, the software has not been tested on other systems.

    Install Instructions


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