PCTS:151-2, POSIX Test Suite

The NIST-PCTS:151-2 is a POSIX conformance test suite (PCTS) written by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It tests system implementations for conformance to FIPS 151-2. FIPS 151-2 is based on the ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990 Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX)--

Part 1:System Application Program Interface (API) [C Language] and the additional requirements as restated in Appendix A of the NIST-PCTS:151-2 Installation and Testing Guide. The assertions tested by this PCTS are only those of the IEEE Std 2003.1-1992 Test Methods for Measuring Conformance to POSIX.1 that relate to FIPS 151-2.

Readme.txt How to get started. Instructions for installing
PCTS Compressed cpio file, containing PCTS distribution
CVR.ps Postscript file - certificate of validation requirements
ITG.ps Postscript file - installation and testing guide

Support is no longer provided for this product.

The Test Suite is available free of charge. Before downloading and using, please read the Software Acknowledgement and Redistribution statement. Any use of the Test Suite constitutes acceptance.

Please click on the filename(s) below to transfer the POSIX Test Suite

NP_distr.Z.exe (1133KB, 9/30/99) Compressed cpio archive containing the suite.
CVR.ps (1423KB, 9/30/99) Postcript file. Certificate of Validation Procedures.
ITG.ps (1423KB, 9/277/99) Postcript file. Installation and testing guide.

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