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The SQL Test Suite, Version 6.0, was developed jointly by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Computing Centre Limited (NCC) in the U.K, and Computer Logic R&D in Greece. The first five versions of the NIST SQL Test Suite were produced by NIST over the years 1987 through 1995. The donation of tests by NCC and Computer Logic, under the CTS5 SQL2 Project sponsored by the European Community, has been a major contribution to the current version.

The technical goal of the test suite is to help evaluate an SQL implementation's conformance to Entry SQL or Intermediate SQL, as specified in ANSI X3.135-1992 and ISO/IEC 9075:1992, through one or more standard programming language interfaces.

The test suite contains additional tests to help evaluate conformance to:

The test suite contains documentation, schemas and test programs for Interactive SQL and Embedded SQL C. These constitute the basic unit to be downloaded. Additional tests may be downloaded for the following interfaces: Embedded COBOL, Embedded Fortran, Embedded Ada, Embedded Pascal, Module Language C, Module Language COBOL, Module Language Fortran, Module Language Ada, and Module Language Pascal.

NIST will maintain Version 6.0 of the SQL test suite as resources allow. NIST will evaluate error reports . and distribute approved corrections through an online log.

For a detailed description of the SQL Test Suite, please refer to the User's Guide.

The SQL Test Suite is available free of charge. Before downloading and using, please read the Software Acknowledgment and Redistribution statement. Any use of the Test Suite constitutes acceptance. Pursuant to 17 U.S.C. & 105, NIST makes no claim to copyright in the portions of this software which were created by employees of the United States Government. National Computing Centre Limited and Computer Logic R&D are not affiliated with the United States Government and hold copyrights in those portions of the software created by their employees.

The SQL test suite files are available in as MS-DOS compressed zip files.

  • ISQL/Embedded C (v6_pc_isql)
  • Embedded COBOL (v6_pco)
  • Embedded Fortran (v6_pfo)
  • Embedded Ada (v6_pad)
  • Embedded Pascal (v6_ppa)
  • Module Language C (v6_mc)
  • Module Language COBOL (v6_mco)
  • Module Language Fortran (v6_mfo)
  • Module Language Ada (v6_mad)
  • Module Language Pascal (v6_mpa)
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