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Plenary Session:

Plenary Session:

Session Chair: Eric Lagergren, NIST

The Needs of Industry, Engineering, and Science for Statistics in the Emerging Millennium

William A. Golomski
W. A. Golomski & Associates

There must be an integration of interests if the users of customers of statistics, and the developers of the field of statistics are to grow in harmony and support each other. Research statisticians say, ``Here is or view of what we can do; does that stimulated you to new research or applications?'' Those in engineering and other fields of application can say, "Here are our needs to help us grow in our field; how can you help within six months, a year, or five years?"

This talk will address the needs of those in applied fields that are product and process oriented. this will hold the emerging millennial needs of the nations.

[William A. Golomski, W. A. Golomski & Associates, 20 E. Jackson Blvd., Suite 850, Chicago, IL 60604 USA ]

Date created: 6/5/2001
Last updated: 6/21/2001
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