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Education and Training: Analysis of Variance

Time and Location Analysis of Variance
Stefan Leigh
Statistical Engineering Division, NIST
Course tentatively scheduled for April, exact date to be determined
Abstract This course covers the fundamentals of Analysis of Variance for NIST scientists and engineers. Topics covered include:
  • basic concepts,
  • graphical approaches,
  • analyses for one-way, two-way, and higher-way designs,
  • fixed and random effects crossed, nested, and mixed models,
  • balanced and unbalanced designs, and
  • components of variance.
Concepts are developed with an emphasis on examples and using a nonmatrix approach. The course will also include some self-contained tutorials on background material including the normal, t, and F distributions, estimation, and hypothesis testing. It will also touch briefly on more advanced topics such as Generalized Linear Models, Generalized Additive Models, ANCOVA and MANOVA.
Comments on Course REGISTRATION FEE IS $125.

A set of notes will be provided for the class, and a textbook (Neter, Wasserman, and Kuttner, Applied Linear Statistical Models, 4th ed., Irwin) will be utilized.

Further Information For further information, contact or register online (once the course is scheduled) at

Date created: 2/1/2002
Last updated: 2/1/2002
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