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Education and Training: Modern Regression Analysis for Scientists and Engineers

Time and Location Modern Regression Analysis for Scientists and Engineers
Tom Ryan
Case Western Reserve (retired)
external Statistical Engineering Division, NIST
Friday, Friday June 6, 13 2003 9:00am - 5:00pm
Adminstration Building, Lecture Room D
Gaithersburg, MD
Abstract Regression analysis is one of the most widely used statistical techniques, employed in a large variety of applications. This course will emphasize, through example, the proper application of modern regression techniques.

The basics of linear and nonlinear regression analysis will be reviewed along with the statistical methods that are used with regression, such as confidence intervals, prediction intervals, and hypothesis tests. Although the emphasis will be on traditional topics, with standard techniques applied primarily to data sets, the course will also touch upon important developments of the past several years. The course will draw heavily from material in the instructor's book. Appropriate software for regression will be discussed as well.

Course prerequisites include some knowledge of elementary statistics and probability. Some rough familiarity with regression analysis through experience would be useful as well. Course registrants are welcome to submit data sets, including appropriate background information, for possible analysis during the course.

Comments on Course CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED TO 40.

A set of notes and a textbook will be provided for the class. The textbook for the course is Modern Regression Methods (Wiley, 1997) by Thomas P. Ryan, the instructor for the course.

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