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Education and Training: Using WINBUGS for Bayesian Analysis of Physical Sciences and Engineering Data

Time and Location Using WINBUGS for Bayesian Analysis of Physical Sciences and Engineering Data
Will Guthrie (NIST Statistical Engineering Division) and
Rich Evans (College of Veterinary Medicince, Iowa State University)
Statistical Engineering Division, NIST
Friday November 22, 2002 9:00am - 5:00pm
Adminstration Building, Lecture Room E
Gaithersburg, MD
Abstract This one-day course is designed to provide physical scientists and engineers with the tools necessary to use Bayesian inference in a wide range of applied problems. Participants in the course will learn the basics of Bayesian modeling and inference using the WinBUGS package for Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation. The course is designed to provide some underlying theory, but its primary focus is on solving real-world data analysis problems using examples from NIST. Frequentist and Bayesian solutions for these examples will be compared. Although it is not a prerequisite, this course builds on material presented in "Introduction to Bayesian Analysis for Scientists and Engineers" taught by Blaza Toman earlier in November.
Comments on Course CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED TO 40.
There is no fee for the class, but registration is required.

A set of notes will be provided for the class.

Further Information For further information, contact or register online at

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