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Education and Training: Data Sets

Data Sets for Selected Short Courses Data sets for the following short courses can be viewed from the web.
  1. Design of Experiments (Jim Filliben and Ivilesse Aviles)

  2. Bayesian Analysis (Blaza Toman)

  3. ANOVA (Stefan Leigh)

  4. Regression Models (Will Guthrie)

  5. Exploratory Data Analysis (Jim Filliben)

  6. Statistical Concepts (Mark Vangel)

Data sets for Design of Experiments Short Course NOTE: You probably need to download the macros used for the "10 step analysis" to your "DATAPLOT\MACROS" directory. These can be downloaded as a single tar file (WinZip knows how to handle tar files) or as the individual files: The following data sets are available for the Design of Experiments (DEX) course:
  1. Bike Speeds (27-4) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  2. Bike Speeds (27-4 plus foldover) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  3. Chemical Process Yield (24) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  4. Cleanser Stability (24-1) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  5. Filtration Times (27-4) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  6. Filtration Times (27-3 plus foldover) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  7. Reactor Efficiency (25) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  8. Reactor Efficiency (25-1) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  9. Reactor Efficiency (25-2) (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  10. Reactor Efficiency (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)
  11. Boys' Shoe Material (Box, Hunter, and Hunter) (randomized block design)
  12. Defective Box Springs (Box, Hunter, and Hunter)

  13. Exact Flow Dual Rotor Turbine Meters (23)
  14. Exact Flow Dual Rotor Turbine Meters (24)

  15. Peak Convolution Algorithms (27-2, 3 response variables)

  16. Fire Safety (23)

  17. Optimization of Hot Plate Gap (26-2)

  18. Ceramic Strength (15 factors, 480 points)

  19. Sonoluminescent Ligh Intensity (27-3)

  20. Radiocarbon Measurements of Albuquerque Carbon Monoxide (23 plus 2 replicated corner points)

  21. Fire Research (25 with 9 response variables)

  22. SO2 Permeation Tube Mass Loss (23)
  23. SO2 Permeation Tube Mass Loss (23 plus replicated center points)

  24. Gas Metal Arc Welding Spatter (28-3 plus 3 center points)

  25. Walt Rossiter Data (25)

  26. Defective Lightbulbs (25)
  27. Superconducting Chip Optimization (s3)
  28. Homemade Bread Taste (24 plus replicated points)
  29. Summer Intern Funnel (23)

  30. Network Processing Time (25-1)
  31. Network Processing Time (23)
Data sets for Bayesian Analysis Short Course The following data sets are available for the Bayesian Analysis course:
Data sets for Regression Short Course The first few data sets from the class notes are listed below. The Data Set Name is the name I gave each data set in the notes. The File Name gives the name of the file containig the data set and is often the original name of the data set as well. The column Source lists where I got the data, not necessarily the original source of the data. Data sets I made up are listed as "Simulated" in the Source column. The data sets are ordered chronologically by their first appearance in the notes. I will try to add the rest of the data sets soon. If there are data sets you would particularly like to use that are not listed here please let me know which ones they are and I will add them first.

Data Set Name (from Notes) File Name Source
Calibration Data slr.dat Simulated
Concrete Strength Data snlr.dat Simulated
Plastic Strength Data (Full Set) plastic1.dat Text
Plastic Strength Data (Random Sample) plastic3.dat Text
Load Cell Calibration Data pontius.dat Dataplot
Thermal Expansion of Cu Data hahn1.dat Dataplot
Heteroscedastic Data hetsc1.dat Simulated
Alaska Pipeline Calibration Data berger1.dat Dataplot
Multivariable Data Set with Potential Outlier #1 mvdpo1.dat Simulated
Multivariable Data Set with Potential Outlier #2 mvdpo2.dat Simulated

Data sets for Analysis of Variance Short Course The following data sets are available for the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) course:
  1. New Car Interest Rates (p. 71)
  2. Cigarette Smokers (p. 114)
  3. Rat Feed (p. 127)
  4. Acidity of Sour Cream (p. 150)
  5. ELISA HIV Optical Density (p. 157)
  6. Simulated Solid Tumor - Averaged Measurements
  7. Simulated Solid Tumor - Replicated Measurements
  8. Dental Gold Hardness
  9. Kenton Foods Package Design (Excel file)
  10. New Car Interest Rate (Excel file)
  11. Moisture in Concrete (Excel file)
  12. Auto Insurance (Excel file)
  13. Castle Bakery (Excel file)
  14. Sour Cream (Excel file)
  15. Dental Gold Fillings (Excel file)
Note: you probably need to view the Excel files using Internet Explorer from a Windows platform.
Data sets for Exploratory Data Analysis Short Course The following data sets are available for the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) course:
  1. 4 "Equivalent" Data Sets (Anscombe) (p. 3)
  2. Normal Random Numbers (p. 14)
  3. Uniform Random Numbers (p. 17)
  4. Random Walk (p. 19)
  5. Flicker Noise (p. 22)

  6. Josephson Junction Cryothermometry (p. 24)
  7. Beam Deflections (p. 27)
  8. Wind Speeds (p. 29)
  9. Filter Transmittance (p. 31)
  10. Spinning Rotor Pressure Gage (p. 33)

  11. Standard Resistor (p. 35)
  12. Battery Additive (p. 37)
  13. 1969 Draft Lottery (p. 38)
  14. NOAA Ozone Study (p. 42)
  15. ASTM Sulfur Trioxide (p. 47)

  16. Boys' Shoe Material (Box, Hunter, and Hunter) (p. 48)
  17. Defective Lightbulbs (p. 52)
  18. Hospital Death Rates (p. 60)
  19. 1992 Presidential Election (p. 62)
  20. 1994 Olympics Women's Skating (p. 68)

  21. Electrical Connectors (p. 70)
  22. Interlaboratory Stress Corrosion (p. 72)
  23. Drill Thrust Force (p. 75)
  24. Dental Polysac Adhesion (p. 78)
  25. Chemical Reaction Yield (Box, Hunter, and Hunter) (p. 80)
Data sets for Statistical Concepts Short Course The following data sets are available for the Statistical Concepts course:
  1. Speed of Light (Newcomb and Michaelson)
  2. Paper Thickness (Youden)

  3. Normal Cumulative Probability Table
  4. Normal Random Numbers
  5. Random Walk

  6. 1969 Draft Lottery
  7. Defective Lightbulbs (Sheesley)
  8. t Percent Point Function Table

  9. Normal Cumulative Probability Table
  10. Astronomical Units (Youden)

  11. Zinc (Wilson)
  12. Molded Plastic Strength (Wilson) -->
  13. Airline Performance

Date created: 2/1/2002
Last updated: 8/28/2003
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