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Education and Training: NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook

Introduction The NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook was inspired by the style and content of Mary Natrella's "Experimental Statistics", NIST HB 91 (1963). SEMATECH approached NIST in 1995 regarding the possibility of writing a modernized update of Mary's book (in both content and form--e-book). A CRADA was subsequently formed involving a working team of 8 staff members (4 from SEMATECH/AMD and 4 from NIST). Work on this extensive (2000 web-page) e-book is near completion. It is anticipated that it will serve as an invaluable resource for industry and university training alike. It comes with a "course builder" feature that automates the topic selection process for easy tailoring to a classroom environment.
Objective and Audience The objective of the Handbook is to provide a comprehensive and complete internet-accessible on-line handbook of statistical methods (including experiment design) for (nominally) the semiconductor engineer but (in fact) for the broader science/engineering community.

The intended audience for the Handbook is the Semiconductor industry engineers, NIST scientists/engineers, and the general scientific/engineering/ industrial community.

Date created: 2/4/2002
Last updated: 8/21/2003
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