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8. Assessing Product Reliability
8.1. Introduction


Why is the assessment and control of product reliability important?

We depend on, demand, and expect reliable products In today's technological world nearly everyone depends upon the continued functioning of a wide array of complex machinery and equipment for their everyday health, safety, mobility and economic welfare. We expect our cars, computers, electrical appliances, lights, televisions, etc. to function whenever we need them - day after day, year after year. When they fail the results can be catastrophic: injury, loss of life and/or costly lawsuits can occur. More often, repeated failure leads to annoyance, inconvenience and a lasting customer dissatisfaction that can play havoc with the responsible company's marketplace position. 
Shipping unreliable products can destroy a company's reputation It takes a long time for a company to build up a reputation for reliability, and only a short time to be branded as "unreliable" after shipping a flawed product. Continual assessment of new product reliability and ongoing control of the reliability of everything shipped are critical necessities in today's competitive business arena. 
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