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Data Sets Used in the e-Handbook of Statistical Methods

Introduction This page contains links to the data sets used in the Handbook. These files are ASCII files and you should be able to import them into the statistical software or spreadsheet system of your choice.

Most browsers will show you the contents of the file. You can use the "Save As" button on your browser to save the file on your local platform.

Many of these files contain header lines containing a description of the contents of the file. Be sure to skip over these lines when reading the file in your statistical software.

For convenince, you can download all of the files from a single zip file.

Alphabetic List of Data Sets
  1. ASCOMBE.DAT - Anscombe's four four data sets with same correlation but different appearance (correlation)
  2. AUTO79.DAT - 11 features for 74 car models from 1979 (multivariate)
  3. AUTO83B.DAT - miles per gallon for 1983 car models from United States and Japan (two sample comparison)
  4. BERGER1.DAT - Alaska pipeline ultrasonic defects (regression, calibration)
  5. BIRNSAUN.DAT - fatigue life of aluminum sheeting (reliability)
  6. BOXBIKE2.DAT - time to climb hill (2^(7-4) fractional factorial design)
  7. BOXSPRIN.DAT - percentage of acceptable springs (2^3 full factorial design)
  8. CALIBRATIONLINE.DAT - measurements from an optical imaging system (calibration)
  9. CATAPULT.DAT - catapult experiment (2^(5-1) fractional factorial design)
  10. CERAMIC.DAT - ceramic strength data (2^5 full factorial experiment)
  11. CHARACTERIZE-3_2_3_1.DAT - diameter measurements for five lathe machines (1-factor data)
  12. CHARACTERIZE-3_2_3_2.DAT - diameter measurements for five lathe machines and two coolants (2-factor data)
  13. CHECK_STD.DAT - check standard data for resistivity (MPC61.DAT) (calibration, uncertainty analysis)
  14. CHWIRUT2.DAT - ultrasonic calibration data (non-linear model)
  15. CLB1.DAT - Thermocouple calibration #1 (regression)
  16. CLB2.DAT - Thermocouple calibration #2 (regression)
  17. CO2.DAT - CO2 concentrations from Mauna Loa, Hawaii (time series)
  18. COMPARE-7_1_6.DAT - Example data (univariate outlier analysis)
  19. CURRIE.DAT - pollution source analysis (multivariate)
  20. DRAFT69.DAT - 1969 draft lottery rankings (univariate)
  21. DZIUBA1.DAT - standard resistor measurements (time series)
  22. ELNINO.DAT - Southern oscillation meteorology data (time series)
  23. FLICKER.DAT - Flicker noise data (time series)
  24. F_SERIES.DAT - Yields from batch chemical process (time series)
  25. FULLER2.DAT - airplane glass time to failure (reliability, distributional modeling)
  26. FURNACE.DAT - thickness of oxide films (3-factor data)
  27. GAS_FURNACE.DAT - gas rate and percentage CO2 measurements (multivariate time series)
  28. GEAR.DAT - gear diameter measurements (1-factor data)
  29. G_SERIES.DAT - International airline passengers: monthly totals in thousands of passengers, 1/1949 - 12/1960 (time series)
  30. HAHN1.DAT - thermal expansion of copper (regression)
  31. HSU12.DAT - accoustic microscopy (regression and calibration)
  32. IMPROVE-5_4_7_3.DAT - pressure measurements with several factor variables (design of experiments)
  33. IMPROVE-5_4_7_3.DAT - chemical vapor deposition reactor process (response surface design)
  34. IMPROVE-5_5_3_1_1.DAT - percentage yield of a chemical process based on temperature and reaction time - phase I, step 1 (optimization design)
  35. IMPROVE-5_5_3_1_3.DAT - percentage yield of a chemical process based on temperature and reaction time - phase I, step 2 (optimization design)
  36. IMPROVE-5_5_3_1_4.DAT - percentage yield of a chemical process based on temperature and reaction time - phase II (optimization design)
  37. IMPROVE-5_5_3_2_2.DAT - tire tread component (multi-response optimization design)
  38. IMPROVE-5_5_6.DAT - percentage of maximum torque based on 3 "inner arrays" and 2 "outer arrays" (Taguchi experiment design)
  39. INN.DAT - optimization of sonoluminescent light intensity (2^(7-3) fractional factorial design)
  40. JAHANMI2.DAT - effect of machining factors on strength of ceramics (multi-factor design)
  41. JONES.DAT - density of water as a function of temperature (one factor regression)
  42. LEW.DAT - steel-concrete beam deflection (time series)
  43. LEW3.DAT - tensile strength of concrete (fitting)
  44. LINEWID.DAT - line widths on photomask standards (calibration, uncertainty)
  45. LITHOGRA.DAT - lithography process (process control)
  46. LNSPCG.DAT - calculatuions for line-spacing of integrated circuit photomask calibration curve (calibration)
  47. LOADCELL.DAT - Known load cell versus measured load cell (calibration)
  48. LOESSCMP.DAT - Simulated (x,y) data (LOESS regression)
  49. LUTHER.DAT - Newton's gravitational constant via torsion pendulum experiment (time series)
  50. MACHINE.DAT - diameter measurements for three machines (multi-factor experiment)
  51. MASS.DAT - check standard data for the mass calibration process (calibration)
  52. MAVRO.DAT - filter transmittance experiment (univariate analysis)
  53. MICHELSO.DAT -Michelson's 1879 determination of the speed of light in air (multi-factor data)
  54. MLCO2MON.DAT - Mauna Loa monthly mean CO2 data (time series)
  55. MODEL-4_4_4.DAT - pressure/temperature data (regression)
  56. MODEL-4_4_5_2.DAT - modified version of the pressure/temperature data (regression)
  57. MONITOR-6_3_3_1.DAT - defects in wafers (counts based control charts)
  58. MONITOR-6_4_3_6.DAT - sales data (exponential smoothing)
  59. MONITOR-6_5_2.DAT - microwave radiation measurements (univariate, non-normality)
  60. MORALES.DAT - mass spectrometric isotopic analysis of sulfer exa-fluroide (1-factor data with 3 response variables)
  61. MPC441.DAT - resistivity measurements over time (repeatability)
  62. MPC5312.DAT - resistivity measurements for 5 probes and 5 wafers (uncertainty analysis)
  63. MPC536.DAT - resistivity measurements for two wiring configurations (gauge study, bias analysis)
  64. MPC61.DAT - resistivity measurements over time (gauge study, type A uncertainty analysis)
  65. MPC61A.DAT - differences from the mean for the resistivity measurements in MPC61.HTM (gauge study, bias analysis)
  66. MPC61B.DAT - differences in the averages for one probe of the resistivity measurements in MPC61.HTM (gauge study, bias analysis)
  67. MPC62.DAT - resistivity measurements over time (check standard study)
  68. NEGIZ4.DAT - lithography process (process control)
  69. NORMAL.DAT - 100 normal random numbers (univariate, distributional analysis)
  70. NORMAL2.DAT - 200 normal random numbers (univariate, distributional analysis)
  71. PBF11.DAT - weekly Freon-11 readings from Point Barrow, Alaska (time series, multivariate)
  72. PONTIUS.DAT - load cell versus deflection calibration measurements (regression, calibration)
  73. PR1.DAT - polymer relaxation data (nonlinear regression)
  74. RANDN.DAT - 500 normal random numbers (univariate, distributional analysis)
  75. RANDU.DAT - 500 uniform random numbers (univariate, distributional analysis)
  76. RANDWEIB.DAT - 500 Weibull random numbers with shape parameter 2 (univariate, distributional analysis)
  77. RANDWALK.DAT - 500 observations from a random walk (univariate, distributional analysis)
  78. ROSNER.DAT - Rosner's data for outlier tests (univariate, outliers)
  79. SHEESLE2.DAT - light bulb lead wire weld process comparison (multi-factor analysis)
  80. SOULEN.DAT - Josephson junction cryothermometry experiment (univariate, time series, distributional analysis)
  81. SPLETT2.DAT - Charpy V-NIST notch testing (one-factor analysis)
  82. SPLETT3.DAT - Eddy current probe data (2^3 full factorial design)
  83. SUNSPOT.DAT - sunspot activity (time series)
  84. TIETMOO1.DAT - vertical semi-diameters of the planet Venus (outliers)
  85. TUKLAMB.DAT - Tukey-Lambda random numbers with shape parameter 1.1 (distributional analysis)
  86. UGIANSKY.DAT - ASTM stress corrosion study (one-factor with two response variables)
  87. ZARR13.DAT - heat flow meter data (univariate)
  88. ZARR14.DAT - heat flow meter data (univariate)
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