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1. Exploratory Data Analysis
1.3. EDA Techniques


Graphical Techniques: Alphabetic

This section provides a gallery of some useful graphical techniques. The techniques are ordered alphabetically, so this section is not intended to be read in a sequential fashion. The use of most of these graphical techniques is demonstrated in the case studies in this chapter. A few of these graphical techniques are demonstrated in later chapters.
Autocorrelation Plot
Autocorrelation Plot:
Block Plot
Block Plot:
Bootstrap Plot
Bootstrap Plot:
Box-Cox Linearity Plot
Box-Cox Linearity Plot:
Box-Cox Normality Plot
Box-Cox Normality Plot:
Box Plot
Box Plot:
Demodulation Amplitude Plot
Complex Demodulation Amplitude Plot:
Complex Demodulation Phase Plot
Complex Demodulation Phase Plot:
Contour Plot
Contour Plot:
DOE Scatter Plot
DOE Scatter Plot:
DOE Mean Plot
DOE Mean Plot:
DOE Standard Deviation Plot
DOE Standard Deviation Plot:
Lag Plot
Lag Plot:
Linear Correlation Plot
Linear Correlation Plot:
Linear Intercept Plot
Linear Intercept Plot:
Linear Slope Plot
Linear Slope Plot:
Linear Residual Standard Deviation Plot
Linear Residual Standard Deviation Plot:
Mean Plot
Mean Plot:
Normal Probability Plot
Normal Probability Plot:
Probability Plot
Probability Plot:
Probability Plot Correlation Coefficient Plot
Probability Plot Correlation Coefficient Plot:
Quantile-Quantile Plot
Quantile-Quantile Plot:
Run Sequence Plot
Run Sequence Plot:
Scatter Plot
Scatter Plot:
Standard Deviation Plot
Standard Deviation Plot:
Star Plot
Star Plot:
Weibull Plot
Weibull Plot:
Youden Plot
Youden Plot:
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