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2. Measurement Process Characterization
2.1. Characterization


What is a check standard?

A check standard is useful for gathering data on the process Check standard methodology is a tool for collecting data on the measurement process to expose errors that afflict the process over time. Time-dependent sources of error are evaluated and quantified from the database of check standard measurements. It is a device for controlling the bias and long-term variability of the process once a baseline for these quantities has been established from historical data on the check standard.
Think in terms of data

A check standard can be an artifact or defined quantity

The check standard should be thought of in terms of a database of measurements. It can be defined as an artifact or as a characteristic of the measurement process whose value can be replicated from measurements taken over the life of the process. Examples are:
  • measurements on a stable artifact
  • differences between values of two reference standards as estimated from a calibration experiment
  • values of a process characteristic, such as a bias term, which is estimated from measurements on reference standards and/or test items.

An artifact check standard must be close in material content and geometry to the test items that are measured in the workload. If possible, it should be one of the test items from the workload. Obviously, it should be a stable artifact and should be available to the measurement process at all times.

Solves the difficulty of sampling the process Measurement processes are similar to production processes in that they are continual and are expected to produce identical results (within acceptable limits) over time, instruments, operators, and environmental conditions. However, it is difficult to sample the output of the measurement process because, normally, test items change with each measurement sequence.
Surrogate for unseen measurements Measurements on the check standard, spaced over time at regular intervals, act as surrogates for measurements that could be made on test items if sufficient time and resources were available.
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