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6. Process or Product Monitoring and Control


Test Product for Acceptability: Lot Acceptance Sampling

This section describes how to make decisions on a lot-by-lot basis whether to accept a lot as likely to meet requirements or reject the lot as likely to have too many defective units.
Contents of section 2 This section consists of the following topics.
  1. What is Acceptance Sampling?
  2. What kinds of Lot Acceptance Sampling Plans (LASPs) are there?
  3. How do you Choose a Single Sampling Plan?
    1. Choosing a Sampling Plan: MIL Standard 105D
    2. Choosing a Sampling Plan with a given OC Curve
  4. What is Double Sampling? 
  5. What is Multiple Sampling?
  6. What is a Sequential Sampling Plan?
  7. What is Skip Lot Sampling?
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