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4. Process Modeling


Use and Interpretation of Process Models

Overview of Section 4.5 This section covers the interpretation and use of the models developed from the collection and analysis of data using the procedures discussed in Section 4.3 and Section 4.4. Three of the main uses of such models, estimation, prediction and calibration, are discussed in detail. Optimization, another important use of this type of model, is primarily discussed in Chapter 5: Process Improvement.
Contents of Section 4.5
  1. What types of predictions can I make using the model?
    1. How do I estimate the average response for a particular set of predictor variable values?
    2. How can I predict the value and and estimate the uncertainty of a single response?
  2. How can I use my process model for calibration?
    1. Single-Use Calibration Intervals
  3. How can I optimize my process using the process model?
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