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4. Process Modeling
4.6. Case Studies in Process Modeling


Load Cell Calibration

Quadratic Calibration This example illustrates the construction of a linear regression model for load cell data that relates a known load applied to a load cell to the deflection of the cell. The model is then used to calibrate future cell readings associated with loads of unknown magnitude.
  1. Background & Data
  2. Selection of Initial Model
  3. Model Fitting - Initial Model
  4. Graphical Residual Analysis - Initial Model
  5. Interpretation of Numerical Output - Initial Model
  6. Model Refinement
  7. Model Fitting - Model #2
  8. Graphical Residual Analysis - Model #2
  9. Interpretation of Numerical Output - Model #2
  10. Use of the Model for Calibration
  11. Work This Example Yourself
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