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3. Production Process Characterization


Introduction to Production Process Characterization

Overview Section The goal of this section is to provide an introduction to PPC. We will define PPC and the terminology used and discuss some of the possible uses of a PPC study. Finally, we will look at the steps involved in designing and executing a PPC study.
Contents: Section 1
  1. What is PPC?
  2. What are PPC studies used for? 
  3. What terminology is used in PPC? 
    1. Location, Spread and Shape 
    2. Process Variability 
    3. Propagating Error 
    4. Populations and Sampling 
    5. Process Models
    6. Experiments and Experimental Design
  4. What are the steps of a PPC? 
    1. Plan PPC 
    2. Collect Data 
    3. Analyze and Interpret Data 
    4. Report Conclusions 
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